Charlie Hunnam May Be Rethinking Playing Christian Grey

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charlie hunnamCharlie Hunnam wasn't exactly a household name before it was revealed that he'd be playing Christian Grey in a little movie adaptation you may have heard of called Fifty Shades of Grey. He was simply a (smokin' hot) actor going about his business, playing Jax Teller on the FX show Sons of Anarchy. He was one of those actors who was able to make a very nice living; do what he loves; and still go about his business without having people in his face 24/7. Not anymore. Long gone are the days when Charlie could go out for a cup of coffee and a scone, and leisurely do the Sunday word jumble at a local cafe. In fact, Charlie can barely go to work anymore. After Fifty Shades casting was announced, security was beefed up on the Sons of Anarchy set, because random people started showing up, looking for Charlie.

Regretting taking on the role yet, Hunnam?

I mean, on some level, he had to have known that his life was going to drastically change after it was announced he'd gotten the role. But there's no way one can fully prepare themselves for something of this magnitude. You can conceptualize it, but it isn't until you have to wear a wig and sunglasses to walk your dog that you can fully understand. Some may say this kind of attention has gone to Hunnam's head; I say it's probably got him a little freaked out -- especially since many fans were pissed he was the one cast as Grey.

Charlie, stay strong, my man. You'll get used to this eventually, I suppose. And think about it this way: In a few months, a life with a few extra bodyguards will seem like a dream. Once this movie comes out, you're going to have to sleep with one eye open in a Kevlar box. 

Do you think all the attention has freaked Charlie Hunnam out? Or is he reveling in it?


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nonmember avatar Spencer

awww he's freaking the F out !

nonmember avatar Sadi Ferrell

It is.crazy how people are acting. I personally just saw the movie THE LEDGE, and I completely fell in love with him so I types his name into google and that's where I found out about this BOOK "fifty shades of grey". I read he was going to be like the "main guy" of this movie coming out. So I had to read this book everyone has been going crazy over. I am now on chapter 15 and I absolutely love this book... But for me, even if he had not got that role I still would be crazy for this guy ;-)... But he seems like he's more of just a simple kind of man. And if he were my man I don't think I'll be able to let him play Christian...

Lori Martinson Cyples

Make sure you read all three books!  They are so good!  I am re-reading the series again and into the second book again!  He's going to be fine....he will be able to prove he is the right man for the job!


Deborah K Stazenski Yesensky

i don't think he should be playing the role of christian Gray he is not right for it. I hope he gets Freaked out good enough to not play this role..

Sara Williams

I don't think he is regretting it at all. He said he is very exited to have the honor of bringing Christian Grey to life. He will be fantastic. People are only seeing him as Jax and complain about his hair. He will undergo transformation and It is called getting into character. I think he knew this was going to happen. I think he will surprise a lot of people just like RPatt did for Twilight everyone threw a fit over him and then looked what happened they loved him. :) Have an open mind people! :)wink

nonmember avatar Linda Paris

Hang in there Charlie. Everything will be just fine lol. You will also make a great Christian.

nonmember avatar 50shadesfan

I would definitely be thinking about a Kevlar Poor Charlie! He will do great though! I love him in Soa and I feel that he personally will bring a lot to the movie.

Clara Tezolin

then please feel free to drop off, I appreciate!

Amber Nichols

i believe he will be an amazing Christian and we need to give him a chance

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