'Sister Wives' Season Finale Recap: Will the Browns Add a 5th Wife in Season 5? (VIDEO)

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sister wives Well, another season of Sister Wives has come to a close! Can you even believe it?? We've been watching this motley crew of Mormons for four entire seasons now, witnessing such huge life changes as the addition of a fourth wife, two new babies, a major geographical move, and much, much more. And after all that, what does the world at large care about? What's the only Sister Wives related issue the Browns' faithful audience really, really cares about?? 

Well, actually there are two:

1. Are the wives jealous of each other?

2. Are they ever gonna add a fifth wife?

Yup, essentially the same questions that everybody's had for the Browns since Day 1 (or since after Robyn became the official fourth wife, anyway). So of course Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn addressed those questions while on the couch during the "Sister Wives Tell All" segment of the show, and of course their answers were the same as they always are:

1. Yes, sometimes the wives get jealous of each other but that's to be expected and it's just something they all deal with and blah, blah, blah.

2. Um, well, Kody's not actively seeking another wife but then again he didn't go out looking for Robyn, either, and she just happened and, um ...

Personally, I don't think the Browns will be tossing another wife into the mix anytime soon -- or anytime, ever, really. (Not from the look on Christine's face when the idea came up.) Plus, now that TLC already has that My 5 Wives show lined up, what would be the point?

Anyway. Not a whole lotta cliffhangers going into season 5, but maybe that's okay. Maybe we'll just tune into Sister Wives as a way of checking in on old friends instead of getting our vicarious plural marriage kicks. On that note, check out this clip of the kids saying nice stuff about their nice parents: 

Do you think the Sister Wives will add a fifth wife in season 5?

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there... theresaphilly

My only issue is that the only person who is having tons of sex is Kody. While everyone sits around waiting their one night a week, he is having four fun filled sexing nights a week. 

mande... manderspanders

@theresa: first off, their sex life isn't your (or anyone's business), a point that they have made brutally clear from the beginning and something they have not even tried to put on display... but really, I highly doubt the dude is constantly getting laid.  The sex life in every marriage has an ebb and flow to it.  There  IS more to any marriage than sex.

LeslieAnn Ruairi MacRae

A show with a Poly family that isn't just one husband and lots of wives would be more interesting. There are many triad families out there. It's not just the Mormans.

kmjmlj kmjmlj

The wives sbould get second husbands

Then they can have their own little town. Those poor kids.

nonmember avatar Ganny2Jax

Did anyone catch it when Kody said Robin wasn't coming down to the therapy session this morning because she was feeling nauseated?? If they announced a pregnancy, it was while I was snoozing. I do think all the wives except Meri are jealous of Robyn, and possibly Meri if Robyn is pregnant again.

hexxuss hexxuss

I always wonder why it is that it's ONLY the MEN who seem to be able to get the multiples... there's just no way I'd share.  Wasn't it just last year that Kody was all "no 5th wife, have my hands full"?  *smh* crazy

nonmember avatar Pamela Whitney

The Browns are NOT Mormons! Mormons DO NOT practice polygamy. Their religion is an off-shoot from mainstream Mormonism which Kody outlines very clearly in their trip to Boston. Perhaps you should watch the show, or better yet, do some research before you go to print with incorrect information.

Robert Johnson

I will not watch the show any more.I AM SICK OF SEEING Meri cry all the time.

nonmember avatar jess

also commenting to say. NOT MORMONS. The browns will be the first to tell you that.

Jennifer Marler

Personally, I used to like this show. Listening to Mari complain about everything and Robin on her high horse is getting old. I hope this new show does well and the Browns will have to go get real jobs. Mari, your and your Daughters breakdown about not getting into your home for Christmas - SHAME ON YOU BOTH! There were parents that could not afford presents for the children and you were in bad form. They all need a big reality check.

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