'Sister Wives' Season Finale Preview: Polygamist Couples Retreat & Audience Questions Answered!


sister wivesCan anybody else not even believe tonight is the Season Finale of Sister Wives?? That's right, we're just hours away from a special double episode of Sister Wives including "Polygamist Marriage Therapy," in which "Kody and his four wives confront their relationship issues at a couples retreat which includes a meditation session that helps them get to the bottom of their internal conflicts" and "Sister Wives Tell All," one of those "everybody sits down on the couch and answers viewer questions" deals. Sounds pretty dang juicy, eh?? 

I can't decide which part of the Season Finale I'm looking forward to more, the polygamist marriage therapy couples retreat or the Q&A session. I guess it will all depend on which half of the special ends up being more revealing. I mean, will the Sister Wives really tell ALL?? Doubtful, but I do hope that these 5 questions are among the queries answered: 

1. Does Meri really want another baby?

2. How exactly are they paying for all those houses again?

3. Same as #2, except replace "houses" with "health insurance."

4. What does Janelle REALLY think of "My SisterWife's Closet"?

5. Never mind the kids: What do the wives think of Kody's faux-surfer dude style?

What burning questions do you hope get answered on tonight's Sister Wives Season Finale?

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Emmie25 Emmie25

I Wanna Know How They Afford All The Kids Clothes Or DO They Do Hand Me Downs To The Fifth Degree?

Maddi... Maddiesmommy11

I would definitely like to know how they can afford all the houses, can the tv show pay 4 mortgages ? And what would they do with their children if they caught them having sexual relationships outside of marriage ( if they were still living under their roofs)?

nonmember avatar Sandra Ray

I am not a polygamist but I do want to speak out in their defense of wanting to educate others. What I see and hear is a family who are supportive and loving to each other. They are not hurting or harmful to others. I would be honored to have them as neighbors and friends.

Sally Gower

I would like to no why Kody don't want more children with Meri?? She is his relly wife. They only have one child! I feel that is unfare to Meri.

nonmember avatar Judy Grandits

Really have come to like these four very different women. Each contributing their own special qualities to this family.

My favorite is Christine! She is so funny even when not trying to be. Her honesty ..... She is just so human! Again, thank you for a great look at life lived well. Not so different!

nonmember avatar KB

It is only due to sexism that the lifestyle that Meri, Christine, Janelle, Robyn & Kody are living is called polygamy. Polygamy means having more than one spouse of EITHER gender! The Brown family practices POLYGYNY - having more than one wife. Having more than one husband is called POLYANDRY. The Brown family is absolutely POLYGYNIST - as they NO WAY would consider allowing Meri, Janelle, Christine or Robyn to have other husbands, in addition to Kody. So why don't they call themselves what they really are? Is it because their lifestyle is inherently sexist?

Patricia Benfield

I guess this would be a better way then to have your husband out cheating on you behind your back. I think just let them live their way they aren't  hurting anyone.It seems like they are very nice people and get along just fine like a single marriage. I would rather see this then two of the same sex marriage. Just my opinion.

Atlan... Atlantagirl

This show is so incredibly boring. I have watched all 3 (4?) seasons and its just not interesting. It needs to be canceled.

hexxuss hexxuss

Whatever floats their boats...

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