Miley Cyrus May Be in a New Relationship Too -- Take That, Liam!

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Miley CyrusIt seems that Liam Hemsworth isn't the only one who rebounded moved on from his engagement with Miley Cyrus. The foam finger lickin' singer is reportedly now in a relationship with producer Mike Will Made It. (That's not a typo. That's his name, folks.) Star magazine (take that how you will ... er, "made it") says that the two are dating. Their proof?

Well, there's this photo of Miley hanging off Mike at the studio of famed photographer Terry Richardson (the one responsible for Kate Upton's Cat Daddy video) with her tongue hanging out. Because how else, really, does Miley express anything?

And then there's these candid shots of Miley and Mike "embracing" after her iHeartRadio Music Festival performance. And a series of pics of her and Mike looking pretty cosy that she posted to Twitter.

So, you know, not a lot of proof really. But, hey, who knows. Is girlfriend supposed to sit around weeping after Liam moved on with some sultry Mexican actress? Well, of course not. Of course she is going to find another person to loll her tongue at. You could be next!

Miley could be all up in Mike's shizzle just to get a rise out of Liam. But something tells me it will all just confirm for him that he might the right decision moving on.

Do you think Miley has a new relationship already?


Image via MileyCyrus/Instagram

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there... theresaphilly

I thought it was her pimp

BGarcel BGarcel

Its hard for me to understand the stance of this article. Is it a good thing Miley is trying to get back at Liam or did Liam dodge a bullet there?

nonmember avatar Duh

Liam is smashing an attractive latina and Miley Cyrus is dating her pimp lol yeah its obvious who got the better deal.Look at it like this Miley and her producer can go to a Halloween party as pimp and hoe and not even have to change into their costumes because...well thats what they are ---ha!

grous... grousseau

Who the hell cares? I know I don't care what she does. If we forget about her and her antics, she will go away. So we will not have to worry about her influencing our daughters.

Hdogg Hdogg

Why are we all getting pissed @Smiley becuz she's being a lil extreme and she has real issues at least she doesn't hide everything like these other "perfect" media fucks! Who the hell cares if she already moved on she's young n pretty

nonmember avatar Redline

@Who's surprised ?? She probably does tijuana-donkey-shows on the side and smokes crack on street corners in Compton too.

aasmi... aasmith88

..picture looks photo shopped.. 

nonmember avatar shestrouble

She was a big icon for little girls when she was Hannah Montana. Now shes just a sleaze. Glad my daughter never liked her cause she is A VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Think she let her money get the best of her and think she is on drugs! GO AWAY MILEY!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Mark


there... theresaphilly

I doubt seriously if Liam cares.

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