Kate Gosselin's Ex-Husband Jon Shows Some Alarming Behavior

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It was only this week that we discovered that Jon Gosselin was working as a waiter at a local Pennsylvania restaurant, Black Dog. Only we didn't quite "discover" it -- Jon went on Entertainment Tonight and announced it to the world. So it's strange that Jon was reportedly so upset with a photographer trying to take his picture that Jon allegedly fired a warning shot from his gun to get rid of her. TMZ reports that Gosselin, who lives in the woods of rural Pennsylvania without Internet or TV, was outraged when a photographer followed him in her car through the back country roads, thinking it was public property. But apparently not. And Jon didn't take kindly to it one bit.

Jon apparently grabbed a gun out of the back of his pants, yelled at the pap for trespassing, and then fired a warning shot. Jon reportedly admits he fired a "warning shot" and claims it is well within his rights.

The photographer told TMZ that she quickly hoofed it out of there (good idea) but that Jon followed her in his car until she got back to the main road. She reportedly plans to file a police report. You would think she would have done that before calling TMZ!

Anyway, it's no doubt that having a photographer follow you onto your property is totally annoying, but if Jon is going to keep putting himself in the public eye -- which appearing on Entertainment Tonight and publishing a tell-all book about his ex-wife, Kate, is doing, what does he expect?

Additionally, it's concerning that he's so willing to whip out a gun. Jon says he still sees his eight children with Kate regularly, but admits he doesn't pay child support, nor have any kind of a relationship with Kate other than through text message.

This is just massive stupidity. Who knows if it could affect Jon's employment as well as his custody arrangement with his children -- it certainly makes him look like a hothead.

Do you think Jon had a right to do this?


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D.j. Lord

sounds like the photographer was looking for some pub...but u cant fire the gun unless u are endangered

Choco... Chocodoxies

He was perfectly within his rights, even if it is over the top. A person he does not know, whom he believes has the intent to harass him, followed him onto private property. I wouldn't have shot at her, but it is within his rights. Paparazzi have gotten out of control in this country. I'd venture a guess that someone is going to have to die before they out some laws in place.

And, no. Going on TV does not invite strangers onto your private property to photograph and harass you. Ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Heide Tanaka

Just FYI, Jon isn't publishing a tell all book about his wife. A former reporter is publishing the book. Jon actually isn't involved with the book.

danie... danielleapril

Im on jons side of this. If this paparazzi is filing a police report, the only person breaking laws is them. Last i.checked random douchebags dont have the right to tresspass on private property just because the owner was on tv.

nonmember avatar Amy

My grandpa lives across the street from that Resteraunt!

MamiJ... MamiJaAyla

um... The National Enquirer was the one who first reported he was waiting tables... at which time he refused to comment and only later decided to talk about it (prob. when it became a real issue) and about pulling out a gun here's his statement:

"At the time this photograph was taken, I was at his home on my own private property that is protected from public access and public view. The paparazza followed me well off of the public roads and was trespassing on my private property when I confronted her," Gosselin tells Us in a statement. "I informed the paparazza that she was trespassing on my private property and instructed her to leave. The paparazza refused to leave and continued harassing me and invading my privacy by trying to take pictures of me and my home. I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun, which I then withdrew and used to fire a warning shot away from the paparazza, which is well within my rights under Pennsylvania law when someone is trespassing on private property."  He added: "At this time I have not made a decision on whether I will press trespassing charges against the paparazza, however, I do encourage her and other would-be paparazzi to contact local Pennsylvania law enforcement so they are informed about the a landowner's legal rights to protect their families, their property, and themselves against trespassers."

MamiJ... MamiJaAyla

so yeah, I'm with Jon on this.  She purposefully followed him to the middle of no where .... um don't go on other peoples property.

adopt... adoption2013

OK course he had no right to do this.  This man is selfish, arrogant, and completely irresponsible.  Nothing he does surprises me.  If you have kids pay support!!!!!   If he wasn't so hell bent on destroying his ex they wouldn't be hounding him.  He has no sympathy from me.

nonmember avatar Michelle

This is no different then the celebrities in Hollywood if someone gets caught on their property they get arrested how many times have we all seen that, this is no different she had no right to follow him way out in the country and if she violated his space he had a right to protect his space and home. No different then when people come onto your property. A list celebs deal with the paps they get arrested but bet me they wouldn't shoot at them if they were near their home or any one of us who had a strange person near our home. The difference in A list they have high tech security and guards and Jon can not afford that currently, and he has his lisence to carry a gun. If I were a pap I think twice before I went back!! Maybe that's the message hes giving. And as far as the entertainment tonight yeah it was coming out that he was a waiter at a local restaurant so he probably got paid by ET to get filled in on his new job, isn't like greedy Kate wouldn't have taken money for an interview, O wait she don't have a job!!!He doesn't have any disturbing behavior if he had that we would have seen it during his reality show when his ex-wife had to have drove him insane, really, cut the guy a break, SERIOUSLY!!!

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