Kim Kardashian Channels Beyonce Despite Frenemy Situation

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kim kardashianKim Kardashian and Beyonce have a whole lot in common. They are both beautiful, successful women who clearly have a thing for incredibly successful rappers. And they have money, lots and lots of money. And cute kids. They should be besties. While Kanye is pals with Beyonce and Jay-Z, it's been rumored that they don't all like to pal around with his lady love. Specifically Bey isn't particularly fond of Kim.

But Kim seems to be channeling Beyonce lately and not just with her anti-Kardashian blonder hair.

We've all heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but love her or hate her, Kim isn't exactly a follower -- she has her own style and is a trendsetter in her own right. But just like we admire women like Kim and Beyonce, it could happen that Kim and Beyonce admire each other. Kim not only has a new look that very much resembles Beyonce's, but she's taken a page from her parenting book and has generally kept out of the spotlight with her baby, choosing instead to shun the typical showy Kardashian ways to keep little North West out of the press, and also keep her relationship with Kanye out of it as well. (As best as celebrity human possibly, that is.)

Maybe Kim and Bey will be friends someday. Maybe this frenemy stuff is all made up. Though this kind of stuff does happen -- it's not always easy to slip into couple friendships when you are friends with people before you were a couple. Plus, I can't help but feel that Beyonce and Kim are just very different kinds of women and perhaps they just aren't the kind of people who would have ever been friends.

Regardless, they seem to admire each other. And learn from each other. And that's a start.

What do you think of Kim's blonde hair and more seemingly quiet and out of the press ways?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Wellllll, now, I don't know 'bout Beyonce admiring Kim: Kim trying to make nice with Beyonce, maybe; not so much the other way around, though. The author seems most on point when she writes that the two ladies probably would never have chosen each other as friends in the typical non-celeb world. I imagine Kim is trying to keep things smooth with Beyonce for the sake of Kanye's friendship with her and Jay-Z. As for Kim and Beyonce being similar: I don't see it at all. Let's face it: Beyonce is a hugely gifted, skilled singer; Kim is a celebrity because she is, well, a somewhat clever girl with a ferocious PR team, and now Kanye as her husband. Beyonce works and sings to honor her talent; Kim works in the name of fame. These two women seem like oil and water; they can co-exist, but any real pairing is not going to happen.

nonmember avatar meh

I seriously doubt that Kim is imitating Beyonce. More than likely, she is ready for a change. That usually happens after having a baby, or even the change of seasons. Kim has been a blond before and at some point in the near future, will probably go back to brunette. Will she be copying someone then? Probably not. She's doing what most women do many times a year, changing their style, their cut, their color. Big whoop, no story here.

nonmember avatar bree

UMMMM I doubt if Beyonce is following this skank or even thinking about her. She's only noticeable to Beyonce because of Kanye...Duh

nonmember avatar keria

Beyonce and kim nothing alike. Beyonce worked her ass off to get to the top while Kim whored around to get to the top. I think maybe b do not seem to care for her for that reason.

nonmember avatar Ms Yola

Kim is very much a "me too" type female..Very insecure...Look how fast she go pregnant after dating Kanye. It was out of the blue she wants a baby. Which was a bad choice just like all her marriages. I knew Beyonce wouldn't care too much for Kim being in her private zone too much or at all. She know Kanye...She also know Kim is a bed hopper who is very unstable in relationships....Kim she probally felt was not a good choice as a mate for him. Beyonce is very private...Solange doesnt care for Kim either. I mean who do you see her hanging out with as far as females? She is too busy to party and hangout with females. Kim and Beyonce family values and backgrounds are so different. Its like where is the similarity? Theere is none.

nonmember avatar just a thought

As much as we have going on the world, all this she dont like her business really has to stop. The world is going crazy and people are worried about the wrong things

nonmember avatar a$ap

I THINK, that Kim and Kanye just want to be Jay Z and Beyonce. Nuffsaid.

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