'DWTS' Star Shows Up at Rehearsals Dressed Like She's Auditioning for '50 Shades of Grey' (PHOTO)


Christina MilianMost contestants show up for Dancing With the Stars rehearsals in yoga pants or some sort of appropriate flexible clothing, but check out how dolled up Christina Milian is arriving at the studio!

She's not exactly dressed for the ballroom. In fact, she looks more like she's auditioning for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie or something. (Sorry honey, that role is already snagged.)

I mean, doesn't she have the whole dominatrix vibe going on? She definitely appears to be a woman on a mission. I wonder if Mark Ballas has any idea what he's in for this season, considering Christina has no qualms about showing up in an outfit like this.

Man. Those boots are really somethin' else. When it comes to high boots, there's thigh-high, and then there's beyond thigh-high, a category these definitely fall into. (I wonder if they're tough to get on?)

And how about that sleek bodysuit she's wearing? That's not exactly an easy look to pull off unless you're in amazing shape. Christina obviously has the body of a dancer even though the show is only entering its second week.

If this particular ensemble gives us any indication of how daring Christina will be with her performances as the DWTS season moves forward, then the rest of the competition probably needs to kick things up a notch or two. Any woman who isn't afraid to show up to rehearsals looking like she's ready to give Christian Grey a taste of his own medicine means business.

What do you think of Christina's look?


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nonmember avatar Lana


nonmember avatar char

It's obvious that Christina was trained to dance at some point in her life. It seems possibly some of these other celebs' fall into this category. (Sadly, not Bill The Science Guy is not one of them!) :(

Hope Mark is ready to deal with this "unusual" partner.

Mary Massey Lyle

Ridiculous! Some people will do anything for attention & I think that is just what she was trying to do. Get attention. She did. Does anyone think you can ballroom dance in those boots!

Maria Rodriguez

you look great. she's a beautiful girl :)

Jim Avera

Who gives a rats butt how she dresses for rehersal.   Dont you morons have anything else better to do than fluff like this?   Honestly unbeliveable.

Donna Antrich

It didn't help, either way. Maybe it hurt. Cuz, she ain't on there no more!!!!


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