Kim Kardashian Keeps North West Hidden But Does She Have Another Agenda?

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kim KardashianKim Kardashian has made it very clear that she wants to distance herself from her famous family. She's moving into her own house and she fired her publicist to hire one who doesn't represent any of her family members. She's done all of this with the blessing of her baby daddy, Kanye West

Now she's really driving her point home. Sources say that Kim won't let North West, the baby of a thousand faces, be filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This doesn't sound so much like a bid to make sure her child's privacy is respected. It sounds like another attempt to assert her own identity as a would-be A-lister. This might be a huge mistake. 

Kim is desperate to elevate her star status, and in the process, she might be losing everything about her that was appealing. We loved watching Kim interact with her family. We loved that while she was stylish, she was also accessible. If she turns her back on that, it's as good as turning her back to her fans.

Plus, and I'm not saying this to be mean-spirited, what are the odds of her plan even working? Anna Wintour's already said she'll never work with Kim, which is the high fashion kiss of death. Without any other real skills to offer, how can she expect to be welcomed into the upper echelon? Seems a bit, well, naive.

Do you think Kim's on the right track?

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Cooks... Cookster792

This is Kanye calling the shots. These are his decisions and she will go along with them because if she doesn't he say bye bye and once again she'll be without a man, at least temporarily. Wonder how much longer her mom will put up with this when she realizes Kim isn't bringing in any money.  Can't wait gonna be good. 

adamat34 adamat34

Its a ploy. This trash will pimp her kid like her mother does....oddly enough it seems Mr West has the right idea about handling this baby. Keep pimp Chris aka grandma whore pants away!!!!

Shes so desperate to make a this baby might have a chance....odd how things turn out.

nonmember avatar Bee

Oh please, people are pissed because they won't have the chance to critic Kim as a mother and study baby Nori on camera and make up ridiculous tabloid stories about a baby they will never see. I don't blame Kim and Kanye for not allowing their child on tv. Look what Kourtney just went through with Mason, that model guy lied and had never sleep with Kourtney, he did all that for publicity.

Nikki Matchett

I'm still on the fence about this one...although I do love seeing them all together, I think Kanye is calling the shots here....she has changed since she has been with him...I dont know if its for the better or not...she is not as accessible as she once was, which I think the public will wear away from her and go straight to Kourtney, who is the real hottie anyway...we need to see more of her :)....Love you Kourt :D

nonmember avatar mandy

Can we focus on real world stuff instead of whores and money hungry ppl that have absolutely NO real talent? Let's put focus on wars, ppl losing their lives to keep is safe, and the hard task of keeping our kids safe in todays society! Let the Kardashians fall into a pit for all I care. I'm so damn tired of hearing/reading about those non talented bunch of overpaid losers.

Tracie Tanner

Why do u get on here to post negative BS if u don't like Kim turn the fucking channel other wise grow up

Marisol Sepulveda

She's doing everything her stupit boyfriend is telling her to do.I hope Kanye will never give Kim a kick up her ass.She's changing and acting like her bossy stupit boyfriend!!She's going to lose fans!!You don't leave your family that has always been there for you.For no one especialy for Kanye that looks like the devil!!!!

Erin Lee


LauraletlifeloveLive McQueen

I don't think people expose their kids to television until they are old enough....too much is going on in society and besides Kanye made the right decision because when baby North grows up she has to hear a lot of rumors of the Kardashian family which none is going to be good... and look at Kylie and Kendall I really feel sorry for them because they really don't know LIFE....years from now the Kardashians will be another sidesplittinglaughterepisode, I just wish they get rid of ALL the reality shows for many reasons, and have some good educational shows on for KIDS.

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