Khloe Kardashian Is 'Thankful' She Had Trouble Making a Baby With Lamar

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khloe kardashianWhile we all watched Khloe Kardashian deal with her fertility issues over the past few years, our hearts collectively broke for her. Khloe made no bones about desperately wanting a baby with Lamar, but it never seemed to work out. But now that everything's come to a head with her husband (cheating and drug allegations that run rampant -- oh, and a DUI to boot!), Khloe's "thankful" she never got pregnant. And while I'm fairly confident she'd never regret a child if she did have one, I can't help but nod my head in agreement with her.

Khloe apparently told a friend, "I don’t regret marrying Lamar but I’m glad I didn’t get pregnant." She feels that it would be unfair to bring a child into such a toxic and chaotic environment. Khloe also added, "If I were to be pregnant this past year, while Lamar was melting down and sleeping with other women, the stress could have hurt the baby. I feel so glad now that we didn’t conceive."

Wow. Talk about maturity. And talk about someone who's going to make an amazing mother someday. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that a baby between Khloe and Lamar wouldn't have been an ideal situation, but it takes serious insight for a woman who's had trouble conceiving for so long to say something like that. 

I'd love to see Khloe and Lamar get back together after he gets the help he needs, and for them to eventually have a child together. But I kind of doubt that's going to happen. So, hopefully Khloe will meet someone else someday and have a baby -- in a perfectly safe and serene environment.

Do you think it's good that Khloe and Lamar didn't have a baby together?


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Cooks... Cookster792

Yes, Yes, and Yes. She is my fav among the women and I wish her the best in whatever she decides. 

Christina Bakos

its good thing she didn't get pregnant knowing the knowing. Hopefully she can heal from this and have a child with someone in the future. what is she going to do with the tattoo of lamar inital

Laura Burns DeNigris

She is smart and realistic, and that is why she is my fav Kardashian. Things happen for a reason, and there is always adoption.

Nikki Matchett

I sure do think its awesome that they didnt conceive a child together.....God was watching this, and just didnt let it happen yet...I sure hope he gets straight, but how can she forget all the cheating (if it did happen for real)....which I think it did.......Please let her find someone that will make her happy, and can give her that child that she longs for...I know she loves Lamar, but can she get past all this uglyness and move on with him?  I know shes a strong woman, but it would take alot for me to get past it....once a man cheats on me once, its out the door for him..but we shall see.


Mary Helen

It just wasn't meant to be but you watch the next relationship she has God will give her what she needs...Keep the Fatih there is something better coming for you and it will make you smile and laugh and enjoy life again the way it should have been .......

Myoma N Kapya-Chilala

Ilove Khloe for being strong and wise in her decisions...I think God didn't want to give her a child with Lamar.. he had his reasons and now we know why. She will hopefully meet the right person someday and amazinglt she will probably fall pregnant on the first try..

Bonnie Cobb

God knows what is best for children being born. Sometimes children can help a marriage and sometimes it can hurt. But the drugs may hurt the baby. I think if Lamor was to have a baby it might would help wake him up, as l0ong asthe baby did not have a side effect from the drugs
Sometimes we do not know until it hits us in the face. Good luck Khloe .I will always be your fan either way. xoxo

nonmember avatar Truth

She never got pregnant because of his drug use and especially if his drug use was bad. CrackCocaine can less a mans sperm making it difficult to conceive

Alana Mindy

God new best !!!!!!!she will get pregnant when it's right. God. Bless you Khloe !!!!!!!!

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