Desiree Hartsock Shares Really Cheesy Photo in Another Attempt to Convince Us She's in Love (PHOTO)

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Desiree Hartsock flowersUgh. She's really outdone herself this time. As if posting update after update about how in love she and fiancé Chris Siegfried are, Desiree Hartsock had to go ahead and brag about him sending her flowers by posting this photo to Instagram. (Gag.)

OMG. This is like the no-no of all no-nos when it comes to what kind of pics to share online -- am I right?!? Oh come on, don't you make a groaning noise and roll your eyes every time someone shares the "perfect flowers from their adoring boyfriend/hubby/whoever" on Facebook? Yeah, well, Instagram is pretty much the same thing, or at least it produces a similar reaction from followers. (Seriously -- if I ever do this, someone please slap me. Actually, you'll never catch me doing this, as I never get flowers.)

Anyhoo. Want to hear what she captioned this pic with?

"Flowers for Fall! Best fiancé ever. @chrisrsiegfried"

(Yeah, we know who he is, Des.)

It's not that I don't want these two to be happy or anything, it's just that lately their happiness seems so, well -- kind of overdone and forced. I mean, she's always posting something about how great he is, how in love they are, blah, blah, blah -- to the point where it almost sounds like she's either trying to convince herself that she's gaga for Chris, or trying to prove to the world that she is.

She really doesn't have to try so hard considering she said yes to his proposal and plans on marrying the dude. All the drama surrounding her breakup with Brooks Forester aside, I highly doubt she'd still be with Chris if she didn't have strong feelings for him.

But we probably shouldn't expect this behavior to die down anytime soon. Sigh. If the two of them are still going strong by the time the holidays roll around, I don't even want to think about the level of sap we're going to see her put out there involving mistletoe and New Year's Eve smooches.

Do you think Des is out to prove a point, or is she just so blissfully happy she can't resist sharing?


Image via Instagram

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nonmember avatar Octoberbird

Or maybe, I don't know, she's a really outgoing and bubbly person who likes to share her happiness with anyone? Mrs. Fischer thinks that being judgmental and sanctimonious is better than being happy in a relationship

Vicki Dunbar

Seriously.. you must jealous! I love all the cheese I can get.

Verna Delgado

Whats Wrong with that!!! I do the SAME

Puri Shea

You admin, why don't you leave them alone!  Are you just trying to have your fan page going or attempt to break them apart?


Diane Sheehan Keeley

Trying to figure out what is wrong with a woman sharing a pic of the flowers her fiance gave her?  I would do this in a heartbeat.  Why would you deny her happiness?  Fake or not?  I think it is sweet.


nonmember avatar Kate

She's just happy and wants to share. Y'all post the stupidest things on here. She is a normal girl who is genuinely happy. Let it go. Share info with us, just don't be so negative. My gah.

Diane Sheehan Keeley

Wow, just read the rest of the comments.  I guess we all think you are just jealous, Mary.  ;]

nonmember avatar AM

I read a lot of your articles but felt the need to comment on this one. I won't say you're just bitter and jealous, because when I've been single it does suck seeing these posts and wishing you had the same. But that doesn't mean you should criticize someone who IS in a happy, loving relationship and wants to post things like this. I post flowers that my bf gets me some times and a ton of cheesy pictures and statuses because we're in love, and I would tell the whole world that if I could. Maybe if these things are so bothersome to you, you shouldn't follow their every post and write about how annoying it is. Sorry, just thought this article was a little rude and over-the-top of issues to pick on. Let them be happy, because I'm sure the day you do get flowers next, you will either post a photo, send a photo, or tell someone about it, because it will make you happy.

Carol Cromer

Do you not remember that first year when you were so freshly in love?  People in that state gush and do cheesy stuff all the time.  Just let them find their own way through this "gushy" state; they will come to their own conclusion, in time, as to what will be best for them.  YOU, Mary, and others, seem to like causing problems for them.

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