Christina Aguilera Shares the Secret to Good Sex

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christina aguileraFor some women, experiencing an orgasm during sex is about as common as seeing a unicorn. Apparently Christina Aguilera knows the secret on how to see unicorns and rainbows with pots of gold. 

When on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, the 32-year-old mom of 5-year-old Max shared quite a bit about her sexuality and her ability to enjoy sex -- really, really enjoy it. She admits she's very in control when involving most things in her life, but when it comes to getting it on she's very different.

She was quoted in Maxim magazine saying "the one place I do not need to be in control is the bedroom" and on Leno she added:

I'm a big micromanager. I'm a stickler about organization: Everything needs a place, a purpose. ... I think every woman should relax and allow herself to be pleased in the bedroom. It's the one place I can let go.

The audience burst into applause and I think we should do the same.

Letting go -- that's exactly what many women need to do to experience an orgasm. Relax. Forget the dishes in the sick. Forget the bills that need to be paid. Forget that you have to wake up in 5 hours. Let all of that go. And feel. Breathe. Relax. Truly experience the pleasure.

Christina feels more confident and sexy as she gets older. She knows what she wants from a man and isn't afraid to ask for it. And she's learned how to truly experience pleasure. Hopefully more of us can do the same.

What do you think of Christina's "sex secret" about how letting go helps you experience pleasure?


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nonmember avatar Jack

I'd like to have a chance to "experience" Christina Aguilara in the bedroom, I guarantee She'd love my method.

nonmember avatar June R. Enrique

You go girl..just reading CA secrets now out in the open I went thri several Mini orgasms...Wow!!#&$@:+?")/I


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