Teresa Giudice Gives NeNe Leakes a Crazy Expensive Wedding Gift She Clearly Can’t Afford

teresa giudiceQuick, what do you buy your friend for her wedding when you're charged with 39 counts of fraud? If you're Teresa Giudice, Hermes china, that's what! What, that's weird to you? You would have gone with a homemade coupon book instead? Ha! That's so frugal and legal of you!

Even though she missed the wedding of her pal NeNe Leakes, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star gifted her fellow Bravolebrity with one of the most expensive gifts off of her $40,000 registry. NeNe had asked for $7,000 worth of china from the famously pricey French brand, and although there's no word on whether or not Tre and Juicy purchased all of it, NeNe "innocently revealed that Teresa gave her one of the most generous gifts" and said gift is reported to be said china.

While it's nice that Teresa was thinking of her friend on her big day, she has to be kidding. Teresa and Joe are currently facing up to 50 years of jail time right now. They shouldn't be shopping anywhere but the 99-Cent Store. If this is true, and they really did buy NeNe and Gregg an elaborate wedding gift, they really do think they're 100 percent above the law and have learned absolutely nothing from this ordeal.

A few days ago, Teresa tweeted: "Did you all love @NeneLeakes' wedding? Wish I could have been there but I was on my national booktour. @WendyWilliams #fact #LoveNene." And, in my opinion, that would have been more than enough for NeNe. Okay, maybe that and a homemade coupon book with one coupon in it for a free hug. That actually would have been more meaningful than a $500 plate.

What do you think of Teresa buying NeNe such an elaborate gift?


Image via Bravo

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Johnnie Perry

If she as broke as they say she shouldn't even be going to the 99 cents store save whate ever they have for those ugly kids she has or whoever is going to take care of them.

Karen Cook Wiltshire

Teresa Giudice hasn't got any brain cells in her little finger. How does one expect her to do the right thing. She just refuses to admit that she and Joe have very serious legal problems and spending $70K on china is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Teresa, pull your head out of the "sand" and quit trying to be a show off. It isn't cute or funny to put your family in this kind of a position. Grow up, face facts and quit spending money you do not have. Thank you Johnnie Perry for posting your comment. Couldn't have said it any better.

Karen Cook Wiltshire

Teresa Giudice has not one connected brain cell in her body. She has no business giving this type of gift to anyone. She should have saved it for her legal bills or to pay off some of her debt. I swear, she has nothing between her ears but air. I am appalled at this article. And Johnnie, you were right on target with your comments.

nonmember avatar JerseyMomma

AND she drives like an ASS... ran through a parking lot, on her cell phone, at 30 mph the other night & just missed me & my daughter by inches... just before pulling into a handicapped spot.

Jackie Primavera

It does not matter she will get probation and he will maybe do 2to4 years.


Edwina Fulton

I don't think Teresa would have actually PAID for it - more likely she charged it on yet another Credit Card that won't get paid.

nonmember avatar sandy

I would bet (only what I could afford, of course) that T. moaned and groaned her way to a loan from a "sympathetic" friend or parent. If not that, and she actually went out and spent 7 Gs, it probably has to do with spending as much money as possible before the sentencing date. My biggest bet, though, is that she continues to live in full denial of her big problems--so what else is new?

nonmember avatar Helen

I am a NJ Housewife fan from the beginning - Season 1 baby! Theresa is not only really stupid, but she's delusional as well. I wish the Housewife franchise would offer counseling as well as Continuing Education classes to their stars...in the case of Theresa it is sorely needed!

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