Gwyneth Paltrow's Ridiculous ‘Gym Demands’ Show How Big a Diva She Really Is

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gwyneth paltrowDespite it being a well-known fact that Gwyneth Paltrow lives in a land where only faeries and fish mongers and organic farmers dwell, I've always liked her. I look forward to her Goop email every Thursday, and I don't know, she just seems fun. Yes, she lives an incredibly privileged and sheltered lifestyle, but she actually comes off as quite likeable, and weirdly relatable, in interviews. She can go from talking about about child rearing to gangsta rap, or from how to make your own kombucha to pubic hair. The lady's adaptable. And also a complete diva, apparently.

According to a new report, Paltrow has a "long list of demands" that need to be met before she uses her ultra-exclusive gym. Demands that involve having her assistant going into the shower stall and wiping the entire thing dry before she uses it. Gwyneth won't touch what she calls "someone else's shower water." According to a source, GP also "refuses to use toilet paper that anyone has touched and demands an unopened package." She also will only drink SmartWater, and if that particular brand is not available for her at the gym, she has someone run out to a nearby gas station to stock up.

Perhaps I'm naive, but I'm actually surprised by this obnoxious behavior. Gwyneth has always struck me as being a nice person, despite her eccentricities. In fact, I've had discussions with numerous people on how she seems like a cool person to work for. Not a shower-drying demander.

At the end of the day, I still like Gwyneth. And I'll definitely still read Goop. But after envisioning some poor soul running to bring Queen Paltrow a fresh roll of Charmin, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at her the same.

Are you surprised by this?

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nonmember avatar Carly

Dude where've you been? This woman is a royal A-hole!

Rebec... Rebecca7708

She sounds a little OCD. It may not entirely be just a Dive thing. It could possibly be a psychological issue.

Dora Glasberg

No one has yet to explain inteenage photoshoots and

audition tapes how hey eyes are brown.

hello... hellokd87

I can understand the idea of not wantin someone elses shower water, just think about it. Someone just washed their sweat off and the water on the shower is the remnants of it. EWWW. As for the water thing, why doesn't she just bring her own?!

Kate Cooley

I'm surprised that the writer isn't more aware of how entitled and un-relatable Gwynneth Paltrow actually is. She's one of those "well, of COURSE everyone has access to a personal chef" kind of advice-giving celebrities that are SO out of touch with the real world that they might as well be on Mars.

nonmember avatar JGM1764

@Dora Galsberg, yeah, colored contact lenses are so mysterious.

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