Tamra Barney’s Latest Feud Could Take the ‘Real Housewife’ to Court

Stuck in Reality 2

tamra barney Who in their right mind would ever think it's a good idea to cross a Housewife? If nothing else, the ladies of Bravo have proven they are not to be trifled with. I mean, they wage blood feuds with each other for a living!

Take Tamra Barney, for example. Tam's using everything she's learned about hair-pulling and name-calling to stop scammers from putting her in their ad campaigns without her consent. The poor ol' guilty party? A shady dieting fan page on Facebook. In addition to using her photos, Tam's mad because the page is implying she also uses their tips and products. We wonder which makes her angrier, the blatant theft or the fact that it's a page designed for women over 40.

Tamra's not taking this injustice lying down. No surprise there. She's the Housewife from the OC that I'd be the least eager to mess with. Second only to Vicki Gunvalson, whose 'whoohoos' haunt my dreams. Just look at how Tamra caps-locked the hell out of a recent Twitter update. You can feel the rage:

tamra barney

Tamra's not the only celebrity whose face has graced said page without her knowledge. A-listers like Julia Roberts have been up there, too. Although we have a feeling Mrs. Moder has enough on her plate without adding a take-down mission to it.

Would you be brave enough to go head-to-head with Tamra?


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Buffi Mazzuca

ohh does anything anyone ever says matter to these woman. Good luck and hope that one day you wake up and see the only person in front of the mirror is yourself. no TV no Fans...but you and you alone. Are you happy with just that? Just sayin

grous... grousseau

Tammy from Glendora is nothing more than an over the hill wannabe! She changed her name to Tamra because Tammy was just to common. Well she is still just a common mean girl. God she really acts like she is still in the eighth grade. I do love to watch the drama though. TRHOC are just a hoot to watch, nobody takes them seriously except themselves.

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