Liam Hemsworth Publicly Kisses Hot New Girlfriend After Telling Miley Cyrus Something Truly Awful (VIDEO)

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liam hemsworthRegardless of how many emotional talks they had behind closed doors, it had to have been a little jarring for Miley Cyrus to see Liam Hemsworth kissing Eiza Gonzalez, the gorgeous Mexican actress who's reportedly taken her place. Liam and Eiza were photographed looking super cozy in Vegas over the weekend, but it wasn't until Tuesday that they were spotted making hot lip-on-lip contact outside her place in Beverly Hills. Like, really hot. (Sorry, Miley.)

But. If you can believe it. This unabashed PDA actually isn't the biggest diss Liam's given to Miley. This dude couldn't be more over her if he was suspended from her bedroom ceiling.

Liam told Miley to keep the engagement ring. According to a source: "Liam told Miley to keep it and do with it what she wants. He told her to keep it as a memento of their love affair."

"Do with it what she wants"? "Keep it as a memento"? Perhaps I'm a look-at-the-crappy-side-of-things person, but to me, this screams, "For the love of all that is holy, just get out of my life already!" Especially since he was, you know, Frenching a hot blonde chick shortly afterwards.

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No doubt, it was high time Miley and Liam broke up. Even before her VMA antics, they were barely ever spotted together, and Miley wore her "love affair memento" ring (which is what it's now formally called), like, once. But to see your ex partying and making out with someone else right after they told you to keep the ring that once signified a life you were going to spend together? Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

What do you make of all this?


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D.j. Lord

in other news....the gov looks like it will be shutdown,obamacare continues to implode and the economy still sucks so the fed will continue to pump 40 billion a month to prop it up

Choco... Chocodoxies

You do realize you're not a "news" site, right? This is Cafemom... a blog. Be happy the article wasn't the 5000th on who should star in the grossly overrated 50 Shades movies. 

Now, cool your britches. 

Kimbe... Kimberlyrose83

Lmao whoo hoo Chocodoxies!!

nonmember avatar debi

What a crack up... you go Liam. Hey Miley was your little song and dance worth it????

Emmie25 Emmie25

About Time He Got Rid Of The Crazies!!

there... theresaphilly

Damn, I was in that position before. I wonder if she is going to sing "Wrecking Ball" on SNL, she is going to be balling her eyes out. I kind of feel sorry for the girl. Just hope she does not handle it like I did; I was calling this dude around fifty time a day -- "I love you, can we get back together?" 

hexxuss hexxuss

I feel bad for Miley. Regardless of her actions, it has to hurt.  Anyone who would revel in another person, who has done NOTHING to them personally, hurting in that fashion, isn't a very good person.

Christine Lawlor

he was cheating on miley before hand... you are a f**cking moron Liam.... Once a cheater always a cheater

Maggie Edwards

Everyone is calling Miley trash but he is the one that ran around on her more than once.   Clearly she is hurt and those with broken hearts do crazy things just to feel better. .. she is going through things with her parents and then what does he do. . . screws around. . . she is better off without him.   wreaking ball says it all. . . and her being nude make the point that she is raw and venerable not to be naughty as those who don't get it think. . . .she is a strong girl so she will be ok. . . 

Nubia Rede

if Liam couldn't handle Miley and her actions then he isn't for her because he wouldn't have care what she did if he understood it and what other persons opinions if you love someone and the way they are (and according to miley this is the real her) you dont care about side opinions just your own and you stick by them thru thick and thin which he didnt do ok hes over her but he doesnt have to humiliate her by kissing eiza in public where he knew people would be watching celebrertly or not this still hurts just as nuch like to any other person personaly i like Miley better she seems more real and down to earth then eiza 

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