'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Still Has 1 Last Chance to Get the Casting Right

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50 shades of greyThe casting choices for Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey's roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie aren't exactly who anyone expected, but now that Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam have secured the parts, there's really not much anyone can do about it.

We can either suck it up, give 'em a fair shot, and hope they turn out to make the movie a huge box office hit, or we can boycott the film altogether in protest of the fact that Ian Somerhalder was not cast as Christian. (Seriously. What the hell?)

And if you are one of those fans who hasn't yet come to terms with your disappointment -- don't lose faith, because there's still hope.

There's a decent chance that the Fifty Shades cast could turn out to be amazeballs, if the roles of Kate Kavanagh and Elliot Grey are given to the right actors.

Let's start with Elliot. Duh, he needs to be someone who will serve one key purpose in the flick -- being our source of eye candy since we're obviously not going to get it from Christian. (Sorry Charlie, but you're not exactly drool-worthy.)

And since Elliot is Christian's older brother, they can't cast some young dude in the role since Charlie is the ripe old age of 33. Chris Hemsworth's name has been thrown around, but he's only 30. (Rats.) But Matt Damon would be a great choice, don't-cha-think? He's sexy, mature, and 42 -- which makes him perfect for the gig.

I guess that brings us to Kate -- who has to be played by either Blake Lively or Katie Cassidy. Hands down. They're both blond, gorgeous, young, and irresistible -- and they definitely make up for the wow factor that Dakota lacks.

Come on Fifty Shades peeps, don't screw it up this time!

Who are your ideal choices for Kate and Elliot?

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Pamela M Krause

Doesn't matter really, I've already lost intrest in going to see the movie with the casting of Dakota Johnson... the bit characters don't matter as much as the casting of Grey & Ana did, Charlie can pull of Grey, but Dakota is still a big NO to the majority of fans!

nonmember avatar Meg

I'm completely content with Charlie as Christian... he can definitely pull it off and he is panty melting hot. Now Dakota... that is a completely different story. She's not very attractive and I don't like any of her previous work... I just don't think she can do Ana justice.

Judith Bersoff Davis

I would argue that Charlie is drool worthy. Google images of him and see if you don't need to wipe your chin...

nonmember avatar Brandi

Charlie is beyond hot and drool worthy and Dakota will be great as Anna! Sorry cafe mom but hell no to Matt Damon as Elliot.... Seriously? I love

him as an actor but not this part. They will get it right. They already picked the perfect Christian and Anna :)

Kate Cooley

I'm still amazed at all the press this is getting. This movie is going to disappoint EVERYONE.

Amy Vaughn

why bother voting, they dont listen to the fans anyway!!!!!

nonmember avatar megs

Gotta say that if you don't find Charlie hotter than hell - well, I guess we all have our own definition but jeez, if you look at some of his film from a variety of other roles...the guy just knows how to put his hands on a woman. Just sayin' - works for me ;)

nonmember avatar Chelsie

I agree with Brandi! Matt Damon? NO FREAKIN WAY! Charlie is hot! And Dakota will do fine, as long as she can get the sexy factor down.

nonmember avatar AreYouKiddingMe

Seriously people you did not write the book these are not your characters they belong to the author. The fact that you are protesting this only shows you have no respect for the person who wrote the books. I agree with the others Charlie is going to do this role justice and Matt Damon... No. But who ever E.L. Chooses will be the right choice.

Devlin Wade

I'm sorry, Ian Somerhalder? Seriously? NO! That guy couldn't act to save his life. He's a two-bit talent, who's not even that great to look at. I'm mildly content with Charlie as Christian, but he's gonna get it from a lot of people if he messes this up. Now, for Dakota Johnson as Ana? NO, NO, NO, NO. That woman doesn't even look homely!! Emma Watson would do well :) Or maybe Jessica Alba, if she didn't wear any make-up.

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