These Smokin' Charlie Hunnam Photos Could Change Your Mind About the '50 Shades' Casting

charlie hunnam
C'mon, give him a chance!
Yeah ... I'm still having a hard time seeing Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. He's just too, I don't know, beardy. Right? Most of his recent photos show him looking scruffy for his Sons of Anarchy role. Christian is supposed to have a very clean-cut look. Maybe it would be easier to visualize Charlie as Christian if we could just see him without all that scruff and long hair. I mean, the petition isn't changing anything, so we might as well accept and move on. That's why, as a public service to you Fifty Shades fans, we've pulled together a collection of Charlie Hunnam facial-hair-free photos. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. We had to look under rocks and dig behind trees, but they're out there. Now if only we could tint Charlie's hair dark copper ...

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nonmember avatar Guest

No, no, and no. Those pictures do nothing for winning over angry fans. If anything, it's just further proof that he is NO Christian Grey.

jenza... jenzachsam

It's not the end of the world!  It's just a book!  There are better pictures of Charlie out on the web already.  Just because he's not your idea of CG, doesn't mean that he's not my idea of CG.  The other actors FAILED their audition and lacked chemistry.  If you have the money, make your own damn movie otherwise STFU already!

nonmember avatar Angela

I don't know why your so negative he is perfect. In every way for Christian

Erica Clark

Actually you didn't look that hard, there's a pic of him clean shaved and in a suit if you just google earch him

Melissa Isenberg

I agree with Jenzachsam!!!  I don't think any actor is the perfect embodiment of Christian Grey.  I do think, that no matter who they pick, they will have a huge set of shoes to fill.  Charlie is georgous and I think if there truely is chemistry between him and Dakota, then they made the right choice.  Looks aren't the most important thing here.  The most important thing is that the actors can pull off some pretty big roles and make us believe them!!!

Julie Dupré

I'm not agree to this choice... Charlie for me isn't Christian ! I'm very disapointed !! Alex Pettyfer stay Christian !

nonmember avatar Twitchy09yo

Have any of you actually watched Sons Of Anarchy? He's perfect to be Christian Grey!! He's cold and a womanizer. But he does have a loving side to him that he doesnt really show but to the ppl he trusts the most. I can't wait to See Charlie As Christian! I couldnt be happier that they picked him! And Charlie isnt afraid to get down, dirty AND naked. Charlie IS playing Christian Grey! Get over it haters!!

youth... youthfulsoul

Just google him and you can find a wide range of photos. I'm sure he will be styled to match Christian anyway.

Danielle Hinshaw Hampton

I think he is perfect. I was not happy at first but watching him on SOA, I think he will be an amazing CG. I think everyone should give him a chance.

Avalon Shuli

i didnt think he would be good at first but then i saw a photo and remembered him from the moovie "Abandon" with katie holmes and it clicked for me,I am not saying i think he is the perfect christian but i think he will do alright 


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