'Glee' Beatles Tribute Songs Leaked & Lea Michele's Voice Will Give You Chills (LISTEN)

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gleeSince the premiere of Glee's fifth season was pushed back to this Thursday, September 26, fans have been anxiously poring over anything and everything juicy they can get about what's going to happen with their favorite McKinley High students come September's end. Well, lucky for Gleeks everywhere, not only has the track list for the Beatles tribute been leaked, but so have some of the songs in their entirety.

As much as I get chills when I listen to the Glee version of "Let It Be," sung by Rachel, Kurt, Tina, Artie, and Santana, I'd have to say the most haunting song that I'm looking forward to in the Beatles tribute is definitely "Yesterday" sung by Rachel. In light of the tragic passing of Cory Monteith and the looming disappointment that her character may miss out on her dream Broadway role, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning.

Check out "Yesterday" and sneak peeks of other Glee songs from the upcoming Beatles tribute, here:

1. "Yesterday" sung by Rachel:

2. "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" by Artie and Kitty:

3. "All You Need Is Love" by Blaine:

4. "Here Comes the Sun" by Dani (Demi Lovato) and Santana:

5. "Let It Be" by Rachel, Kurt, Tina, Artie, and Santana:

Are you looking forward to the Beatles tribute episode?


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truth... truthrowan

I'm probably one of the only folks in the world who thinks the Beatles are overrated and don't like their music, so I'll probably just read teh spoilers online so I don't miss any plot points and skip watching this episode

casti... castinghub

The music sounds great!

Baile... Bailey8307

I am a huge beatles fan and a pretty big Glee fan too so I"m pretty pumped! The music sounds great and I can't wait to see the episodes!


Barbara White

The Beatles are just about the best band every and to think  they wrote all their own songs! I love the Beatles and I love Glee 

nonmember avatar Kim

Once again Lea shows why she is the star.

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