Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Call Off Engagement & We Totally Get Why (VIDEO)

Surprise, freakin', surprise. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth officially called off their engagement. I'm pretty sure we've all seen this coming for quite some time now, but still ... why now? What ACTUALLY went wrong? Did Liam REALLY cheat? Was Miley's twerking too much to handle? Let's discuss:

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Why do you think these two couldn't work things out?

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Emily Mayes

I don't even understand how you can compare Miley and Jenelle. LIke....seriously? Do I think the same thing will happen to Jenelle? No. Miley and Jenelle are two different species of human. Miley is actually famous...for doing something other than having a baby's daddy and 16, and while she is a little "over-the-top"...she is a "real celebrity" (whatever that means), born into the Hollywood world and blessed with the lungs to keep her there. Jenelle, on the other hand, is a nobody. And no one cares what she does. Stop mentioning her in every post. It makes it seem as if you are a bit obsessed. 

nonmember avatar Anita Break

Who gives a flying monkeys butt? The marriage would of ended within 2 years anyway!!

Amanda Renee Theriault

Good for Liam. She was way too out there and holding him back. She turned into a HUGE who're, and needs to learn where the lines is and not to cross it, also to GROW UP!!

Kate Cooley

She's a talentless noodlehead and an attention-ho who can't grasp the concept of "bad publicity". Run, Liam, Run!


NinaB... NinaB131415

I actually love Miley & all my friends hate me for it lol. I definitely think she's going through a weird phase but honestly, who hasn't? All jokes aside their marriage probably would have ended fast & messy anyway so I'm not totally surprised they called it off.

Crystal DeLarm

makes me wonder if he actually pushed her into doing this to get his attention...this just started in the 3rd year of their relationship, which is also when he started sniffing at other girls...just saying i don't approve of what she does, but she is right she can do what she wants, at least she's 20 and not 16...will the real Miley come back out to play now, because i miss her

stara... starandseen

Good for both of them. She's definitely too wild to settle down, and he should find a mature woman.

Desti... Destinatten

Two eiza Gonzalez... Seems there's a new girl in his bed

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