Khloe Kardashian Tweets the 1 Reason Why She’ll Survive the Lamar Odom Scandal

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khloe kardashian selfieWelp, we still don't know exactly what's happening with Khloe Kardashian Odom and her estranged-ish-maybe-husband Lamar. But I have to give her this, whatever she's feeling, it's coming from a grounded place. Yesterday she posted another Instagram of herself in a top knot (that's not the grounded part) with the caption (here is the grounded part) "Love yourself for a lifetime rather than a moment." And then she gave a shout-out to her "glam squad," but I'm sure she means that she loves herself even when she's not all glammed up.

Because self love is what will sustain Khloe through all the madness she's going through. And that self love has to be unconditional -- it has to be there even when her life is complicated and when she's feeling unloveable. I wonder if Khloe's glam squad had just given her a pep talk right before she took that selfie?

If that's what happened, Khloe is one lucky woman. Not only does her crew make her glow on the outside, they also help her glow on the inside. I hope Khloe really does take those words -- whoever came up with them -- to heart.

After all, who else is going to love her for a lifetime? Well, her family, I'm sure. Maaaybe not Lamar. Just a guess. Khloe hasn't officially given up on her marriage yet, but she's probably preparing herself for a split. Regardless, she may be feeling like she's lost Lamar's love already, and that must sting. Who's going to love her now? The answer always has to start with herself.

And if Khloe really is able to love herself for a lifetime, I hope that love leads her to make choices that will truly lead her to happiness. You can't expect anyone to fill that deficit for you, if you don't love yourself. You can't expect an abundance of love in your life if you're not filling your love bucket yourself. And you can't give others love if you're not loving yourself. IT'S ALL ABOUT SELF LOVE, KHLOE. DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH? Will someone please hand me a tissue? I'm getting all emotional here!

Okay, I'm fine now. We're all fine here now, thank you. I'm glad we had this heart-to-heart. Khloe is going to be just fine, you guys. Just fine.

Do you think Khloe is preparing to face a split with Lamar?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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mompam mompam

She doesn't even resemble herself. Did she just have work done?

nonmember avatar erica

Khloe is the only kardashian I even sorta respect. She'll be just fine in time, no matter what the outcome of her marriage is. I really hope Lamar isn't addicted to drugs, because I wouldn't wish that on anybody, but if he really is the cheating junkie people are claiming he is I hope khloe doesn't spend too much time grieving the loss of her marriage. Nobody deserves to be with someone like that. Khloe has always come across to me as a strong, outspoken woman with a mind of her own and I'm sure she loves herself way more than a lotof us do.

adamat34 adamat34

Really? Your marriage is falling apart, husband is a crack head and your tweeting? Wow these people cant stand for one day to go by without attention. Get it together trash.

nonmember avatar Christy Tipton

No matter what becomes of Khloe and Lamar, Khloe is a strong and highly intelligent woman. Although she loves Lamar like any loving wife does, if it it's over she will become that much stronger . She is worthy of a a great man. A man comfortable with an intelligent woman such as Khloe. She has my upmost respect. Keep your chin up beautiful girl!!

Lucille Benjamin

Khole u r and always be beautiful in side and out always have been and u have a lovely family behind u!and ur a strong woman because of ur mom!i love u always my sweet!will always send prays 4 u and ur family!Bile :)

Katie Casteel

I believe it is over for them.For so many reasons. Klohe hold your head high sweetie,you deserve so MUCH better!     xoxooxxxoxoxx  Katie

LauraletlifeloveLive McQueen

Maybe or maybe not, but whatever decision Khloe decides I'm with her 101% its her and Lam Lam decision and if you love her or supportive of her move back and let her have space and make her own puppydecision, its Khloe and Lamar life nobody else.....Good Luck Khloe and take your time its a decision you half to live with for the rest of your life....Peace

nonmember avatar Sami

Khloe's skin maybe glowing but the saddness behind her eyes says it all. Stay strong Khloe.

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