Gwyneth Paltrow’s Shocking Confession Proves She’s a Big Fat Hypocrite (VIDEO)

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gwyneth paltrowWhen I was 18, I once read an article wherein Gwyneth Paltrow said that unless you could feel your liver from the outside, you weren't healthy. I'm waaaay older than 18 now, so suffice to say that she's been a health nut for a very, very long, organ-poking time. I mean, the woman became convinced that dairy and gluten were poisoning her family and tried cutting it all out of their diets. Suffice to say, she's been pretty vocal about the importance of treating your body like a pristine temple.

That's what made her appearance on Chelsea Lately so surprising. Gwyneth was all about discussing her vices with Chelsea Handler. She mentioned how she still can't quite manage to give up smoking. As if that weren't "scandalous" enough, the woman admitted to a penchant for Chik-Fil-A. GASP. Fast food! Somebody roll in my swooning couch, 'cause I feel a faint coming on.

Doesn't it seem like she shares these tidbits just to make herself appear more likeable? Like I've said before, it's almost always worked on me. She can recommend a "yummy" chia seed pudding, because she also talks about pigging out on cheese sometimes. Sure, okay, I buy it!

But just how many of these saucy disclosures are we supposed to put up with before GP goes from believable average girl to total hypocrite? Either admit you are a normal person who tries to be healthy sometimes, or drop the act and admit you eat only twigs and the memories of acorn caps. I guess it's slightly reassuring that as punishment for her transgressions, she's forced to listen to Coldplay and pretend she doesn't want to set her ears on fire.

Do you think Gwyneth's for real or a hypocrite?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

So she's a hypocrite because she enjoys the occasional splurge? Or because you just don't like her? Because pretty much every diet I've ever read (except ones for medical reasons) allow an occasional treat.

Kate Cooley

She's a nutbar. That's all there is to it. But I feel that way about any Hollywood idiot who touts their ultra-expensive and staff-driven healthy lifestyle as the ideal for everyone.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

Her father died of throat cancer and she can't quite give up cigarettes? If you only have an occasional cigarette, what's the point? Just quit.

Lilit... Lilith.23

Lmfao!! Ok this is like the #565645 post on how much this page hates Gwyneth...we get it,she irritates you. But can we just pause and like you said. She's human, so chiill out, eat à cookie and remember that we aren't perfect.

hello... hellokd87

The treason these words coming out of Gwynnie's mouth sound so ridiculous is because she puts this front like she doesn't eat anything unhealthy only foods that are shat on and fertilized by a saint.

nonmember avatar gigi

people think of her as some kind of health freak. maybe she's just trying to say that she's not and that she doesn't live healthy all the time, and that it's all about the measure.

nonmember avatar Ryan

This my friend is hate. You're only allowed to label someone hypocritical and be a nice person if they are negatively affecting you. Anything other then that and you're being a judgemental asshole. Honestly who cares? Huh? Who's life could turned upside down because of this? Yeaaa this isn't even Internet news.....

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