Robert Pattinson’s Secret Passion Could Get All Over Our Bodies

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robert pattinson diorAre you sick and tired of reading story after story about Robert Pattinson's emotional life? He misses Kristen Stewart. He's totally over Kristen Stewart. He's looking for a new girlfriend. He's not looking for a new girlfriend. He's dating this celeb, he's dating that celeb. WHO DOES ROB LOVE TODAY. Who cares? Here's something totally unexpected from the world of RPattz: Robert Pattinson wants to design women's clothing.

Guät?!? "I want to get more involved with the industry, I really like it,” Rob said in a profile in Harper's Bazaar Arabia. “I like drawing couture dresses. I started doing it and was like ‘what is happening?’ Suddenly I had a sketchbook full of dresses." Yeah, exactly. What is happening -- Robert Pattinson sketching women's couture and talking about getting into the industry? I want to see that sketch book!

Maybe it was hanging out with all those models and fashionistas for the Dior Homme ad campaign. I sure didn't see this coming, but I guess it makes sense. So what does Rob like about women's fashion? "I like the artistry of it, it’s like costume design. The speed of it means you can just move so much quicker. I like designing clothes." Ah, so maybe all this time Rob seemed to be sulking his way through the Twilight series, he was secretly reveling in the costumes. I can picture him delicately fingering Eva Green's dresses and marveling at their artistry.

But what is Robert's design philosophy? "If someone looks good in their clothes, it’s because they are comfortable in their own skin. It’s literally just like if you are owning it." Okay! True and ... kind of a cliche. But he's a beginner, so we'll allow it.

Anyway, obviously we are dying to see what a Robert Pattinson original would look like. I think his dresses would reveal a lot about his fantasies of women. What does Rob think is sexy? Will someone please "leak" this sketch book at least so we can find out? Rob, show us your sketches and I'll show you my Robert Pattinson's Skulking Around Los Angeles flannel shirt collection. You'll love it.

What do you think Rob's dress designs are like?


Image via Dior

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Ileana Eva

Incredible, Dior got a guy that hates to shower and only washes his har once a month. He is a jerk.

Amanda Hart

i think its a good idea....

Patty Kohenskey

I think he would do a great job at it if he wanted to but i think he enjoy the be actor more

Jessica Möhring

Was habt Ihr eigentlich alle? Nur weil er eine Person des öffentlichen Lebens ist, darf er keine eigene Meinung mehr haben? Kleidung für Frauen? Warum denn nicht? Er ist jung! Er soll sich ausprobieren! Lieber lese ich solche Schlagzeilen, dass er endlich wieder "lebt", als ständig: Er liebt sie, er liebt sie nicht! Er vermisst sie, er vermisst sie nicht! Laaaangweilig! Lasst ihn leben und auf andere Gedanken kommen!
Sonst steht auch auf seinem Grabstein irgendwann:MEIN LEBEN HAT ALLEN GEFALLEN; NUR MIR NICHT!!!!

Andrea Compton

I would love to wear a dress that suits me but its hard to find caused I'm 5'11 and cute short dresses are too short for me and long dresses usually isn't long enough. I would love to see what he is working on and hopefully he might make some to suit everyone.. I will be praying that everything works out for him. He deserves it! May God Bless!

Debbie Ruddy

He should have been. Christian Grey!!!!!

Cynthia Delclaire Butler


nonmember avatar margi jenkinson

If rob wants to design dresses then let him do it if he's as good desisgner as he is an actor then he will go far good luck rob in everything that you do from one of your fans who truly loves you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carol Yisela Garzon

me gusta la idea que un hombre diseñe ropa de mujer asi nos dariamos cuenta que es lo que a a ellos les gusta.

Irmita Castro

Even though that Robert is A great and talented Actor who makes great films I also believe that if he chooses to design clothing for women, then allow Robert to do so. Heck I myself who's not only a fan of Robert Pattinson's but a 32 yr old woman as well wouldn't mind "trying on" or even "buying" what he has to offer. This young mans ideas might even raise a hell of a lot of money - and he might even end up having his own company named after him .

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