New Farrah Abraham Footage Shows How Out of Control She Really Is (VIDEO)

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farrah abrahamIt doesn't seem like it was that long ago that Farrah Abraham was in rehab. (Because it wasn't.) So, what in the sam hill is she doing, posting a drunktacular video to Keek, in which she's partying her balls off in Vegas and repeatedly screaming, "WHAT THE F*CK?!" into her phone? Is this an experimental performance piece for an art school we didn't know she was enrolled in? Or is Farrah Abraham set on becoming the poster child for why rehab doesn't work ... if you only go for eight days?

If you want to keep it as unclassy as possible today, check out Farrah's ridiculous video. Warning: LANGUAGE!

Sep 14, 2013 | PARTY ALL NIGHT #Miami @VividLiveMiami (((Fire!!!!))))) by f1abraham on


I know we all do dumb things when we're drunk, but A) was the repeated "F-bomb" really necessary here? She's someone's mom, for god's sake. And B) we all haven't just gotten out of rehab. (For, again, eight days.)

I feel like it's pointless for anyone to bother even telling Farrah to watch herself/to slow down/to be more responsible, etc. Because it doesn't seem like that's going to happen any time soon. But it might be nice if she at least stopped uploading her antics to the Internet. Her daughter's 4. That's, what, three years away from knowing how to Google.

What do you think of Farrah's video?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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3boys... 3boysANDaMOMMY

Her poor child will know all about her in less time then that. They start using computers in 1st grade where im from. Maybe she will open her eyes one day and be someone she can be proud of.

JayJay Lil'momma

im just saying cursing isn't nothing lol you people are crazy because guess what your sweet innocent children do it all the time you may think they don't but they do... its a new day and age and every kid curses lol... I do not know one child that doesn't regardless that kid will be at school where she will be cursing that kid will be with her friends and she will be cursing... to think that your such a perfect person loll your insane your child will mess up somewhere in life while your judging someone else on their actions thatll be you soon...

Kayla Reese

This article is ridiculous. If she is out of control this video does not prove it at all. At all.

batma... batmans_mommy

Did anyone notice her sister sitting behind her?? and it seems to me like a normal young girl having a good time in vegas who got a babysitter.. whats the big deal like non of us go to vegas and have a good time and post skanky videos on our fbs or on the internet or drunk text right?? bc were all saints?? right?? love how society rather judge that think .. hmm do i go clubing on weekends even though i have a kid?? do i do stupid things past or present that maybe i wouldnt want my kids knowing ?? no matter what you do your kids will find out!! famous or not?!?! if you did something with someone guess what that person knows your secret and might slip it one day .. so instead of judging maybe we should just let some ppl live their lives even if they are flaunting it, good or bad

Norma Mendoza

She just wasnt able to enjoy her youth because she had to grow up fast and be a mom. She finally has fame and she dont know how to act now that she has money. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. I hope she dont overdose before she wakes up and realize her baby girl needs her. Sad.

Kiari Hill

wtf! what parent doesnt get a mommy vaca and go to vegas to be young for a night? clearly her daughter has a babysitter and she was able to get away for the weekend. I hate how you guys try to make these girls look like horible moms. they had to grow up quickly i get that. but just because they grew up quickly does not meen that they arent still young and they are not grandmas and have to go to bed at eight every night. give her a break.

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