What Was Totally Staged at Tamra Barney's Wedding & the Biggest 'Housewives' Twitter Wars (VIDEO)

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Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge are married!! Congrats to them. And hey, if it’s your third wedding, why NOT have three bridal gowns?? I say go BIG or go HOME, but what did Tamra’s family say, and which former Housewife made a surprise appearance on the finale episode of Tamra's OC Wedding? 

Meanwhile on The Real Housewives of Miami, I saw so much back story, it almost distracted me from the actual episode! Mama drama, the biggest HIVES I’ve ever seen, and where I call producer meddling ...

The Tamra Barney Judge wedding spinoff is over! I loved seeing the gorgeous ceremony come together, but of course I’m always looking for what you DON’T see behind-the-scenes, noticing placement of cast members, camera setups, and of course promotional consideration -- how much did they pay for all of this?

If you were Tamra and Eddie, wouldn’t you be a little tempted to swing that cake? I know I would ...

Things are so hot in Miami, if I were a producer, I’d wear a HAZ-MAT suit. Most of us love Twitter and Facebook, but how has social media changed the Housewives? This week, we discuss how the fans get involved and can actually drive storylines. We had ladies who worry about whether their children will get dragged into the drama -- I give you my take as to whether Adriana de Moura did a good job with her son or made things worse.

And finally, it wouldn’t be The Real Deal without going deep into the feud between Adriana and Lea Black. Adriana thinks she has a smoking gun, but does she really? Here’s that People Magazine article, and watch the exclusive video for my take on that and so much more! PLUS, now that Tamra's spinoff is over, let me know which shows YOU want me to cover.


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Pam-Rick Dryburgh

Loved this weeks reality round up.  You even mentioned "Lynn Hudson" wow.  As far as shows to do in the near future......uuummm  of course #RHOBH, yet I don't think  that starts for a couple of months. 

Alex McCord

Thanks, Pam!

nonmember avatar Sarah O'Brien

Right on Alex! Keep your comments coming! So good.

nonmember avatar Michelle Floric

Fantastic piece!!! Great stuff and keep up super work Alex!!! Look out E news!!!!!:)

Shell... Shelloloh

Fantastic piece!!! Lookin forward to more!! Keep up the great work Alex and look out E news!!!

nonmember avatar Rhfan

Love it Alex! Thanks for the recap!

nonmember avatar Chickie

Always enjoy Alex commentaries. Would LOVE to hear what she has to say about what is going on on RHONJ

ZamEnt25 ZamEnt25

Hi Alex! As riveting as those shows were I'd love your take on RHONJ! I feel like since you lived and watched the Jill Zarin debacle you may be able to shed some light on why it's been 3 seasons dedicated to making Teresa look bad! The Stir, I know you have many other bloggers, but the only one I think who could do RHONJ justice is Alex. (ok ok I love Jenny Erikson too) However, I really wish she could explain things. We have said all season it has been forced. I hope that the editors will read this and make it happen! Thanks so much!! :) (Plz evenblowing kisses though Erika is a Mel fan I'm SURE she'd like to hear Alex's HW expertise on the matter!!)) PLEASE!

Susan McCarty Potts

Alex being a former housewife and RHONJ is in such a mess we would love to hear her opinion of what is going on with that franchise.

nonmember avatar Guest

Short but precise. Will we be seeing you and Simon on tv soon?

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