Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doesn't Want to Clarify His Sexuality & He Shouldn't Have To

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is refusing to put the rumors to rest, one way or another, that he’s gay. He told OUT magazine that it would be “tacky” to address the issue of his sexual orientation, and that “they would win if I had to clarify.”

The 32-year-old former child star and current hottie said that his privacy “comes from a really young age. It can be really awkward and difficult to be thought of as this thing on TV. Before understanding it or being able to analyze it, I just knew it made me really anxious."

He also admitted that he’s never liked the “pigeonholing” that happens in Hollywood. "I've been working as an actor since I was a little kid,” he said, “and I've always been fascinated, and a little horrified, by the way people relate to images they see on screen."

That’s actually part of the motivation behind the upcoming Don Jon, which he wrote, directed, and starred in. The movie is about a man addicted to porn, but Gordon-Levitt claims that it’s not really about that at all.

"I wasn't interested in making a movie about pornography. I was interested in making a movie about how people treat each other like things, and all kinds of media can contribute to that. Sometimes I feel I am seen as a thing more than a person, and I don’t think that’s unique to actors."

I think it’s cool that he wants to keep his private life private so that the audience can see his craft as an actor, not his personal persona.

Do you think JGL is gay? Do you care?

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nonmember avatar linbri29

I don't care if he is gay or straight iv'e loved his acting since i was a kid.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

Ill love him no matter what, he's always been my favorite but it will break my heart just a little bit. Nobody wants to find out their long time crush is gay. Lol

Truel... Truelove77

I wouldnt care if he turned out to be an alien from outer space He is super talented,down to earthhe can have his privacy yes even though he is in the public eye he has a right to not answer if he is gay or not. Either way if he ever does reveal his relationship status I will be crushed he isnt into me LOL!

Brain... BrainyMommy

Never heard of him.

Coles... Coles_mom

I LOVE his jacket!!!

Sara B. Ware

OMG - I love his jacket, too!  Best part of this post ;)

nonmember avatar Yelly

I actually think it's a classy move on his part to not answer. If he's gay/bi/whatever, who cares. He's basically the hottest man in the world, so I'd be a little sad if he was gay. But then again I'd rather have some man get to be with him than some nasty chick. Haha.

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