Shocking 'Breaking Bad' 'Ozymandias' Episode: 5 Powerful Images You May Have Missed

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Breaking BadNow that some of the emotional devastation from Sunday's Breaking Bad has worn off a tiny bit, what do you say we get right down to the business of overanalyzing the living crap out of "Ozymandias," which seems destined to live on as the most powerful episode of the entire series?

Specifically, I'm talking about a few of the visuals that may have flashed by too quickly for you to notice, what with all the distractions happening onscreen. Definitely stop reading now if you're not caught up with the latest Breaking Bad, otherwise, check out these five scenes that have been sparking a lot of discussion in the wake of last night's show.

1) Hank's crawl. When we first see Hank, wounded and desperate, he soldier-crawls his way towards Gomez's gun in a last-ditch attempt to defend himself. This seemed subtly evocative of the way the Cousins (Leonel and Marco Salamanca) ritualistically crawled with their bellies in the dirt to the statue of Santa Muerte in the opening scene of season three in their effort to avenge their loved one's death.

2) Walt's face.
Walt, as he lay on the sand after Hank was murdered, looked an awful lot like Gus Fring when he wept over the loss of his partner Max:

It was also a perfect callback to the Percy poem:

Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies

3) Walt's pants. This blink-and-you-miss-it moment came when Walt was rolling his barrel o' cash through the desert, and he passed a discarded item of clothing.

Those would be his own pants, which went flying off the RV during the pilot episode that was teased in the beginning of "Ozymandias":

Via Hypeable

There's also an in-joke with his method of moving the barrel that references a past episode when Hank and Gomez were watching the surveillance footage of Walt and Jesse’s attempt to steal Methylamine. Hank yells at the TV, “Hey, try rolling it, morons! It’s a barrel! It ROLLS!”

4) Skyler's flower. What's going on with the symbolism in the scene between Skyler and Marie? Skyler in white, Marie in black, the vibrant purple -- once Marie's signature color -- flower between them?

Colors are major recurring theme in Breaking Bad, and creator Vince Gilligan has said that the actual colors don't matter as much as the changing of the colors. In finally rejecting Walt completely, Skyler has returned to innocence? Their delicate sisterly bond divides them? Maybe it's just a damn flower?

5) Walt's reflection. Here's what Walt saw when he stared at the gas-draining hole in his car:

Of course, this could mean nothing. But for a show devoted to foreshadowing via Checkhov's gun, I'm thinking the juxtaposition of head and bullet wound was no accident. After all, this is the same episode that gave us this:

Did you catch all these images during the show? Want to speculate about that ominous car reflection? (Also, what was the meaning behind the two flying birds Jesse saw?)

Images via AMC



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nonmember avatar andie

Damn, Linda, you're a lot more observant than I am. I missed almost all of that. This episode was so emotionally wrenching, I didn't want to get out of bed this morning!!

cpyrrha cpyrrha

The shift in color in #4 symbolizes Marie & Skyler now being on opposite ends of the spectrum of good & evil.  S is still in her blue & white, with just a bit of greyish over the white, showing how she's still unaware that her old life is over but the clouds are forming overhead.  M is finally in something other than purple & it's black, referencing how she's walked in bringing the death of S's world as she's known it.  Kind of a destroyer vibe.  The purple of the flower represents what's left of the love the old M had for S that is the reason she has forced herself to remember that they're sisters. 

Net1957 Net1957

The only thing I didn't miss with the knives. I figured they would have something important to do later! You are so observent I'm impressed!

Keya25 Keya25

I did NOT notice the pants & Im reeeeally hoping Walt doesn't get a bullet to the brain. Or anywhere else for that matter...but then again, I have been victimized by this show.

nonmember avatar ouida

so glad to finally see the barrel roll mentioned. that was a good one. score!

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