Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Split Makes Us Feel So Many Feelings


miley cyrus liam hemsworthY'all, it's official. We told you about how Miley Cyrus Twitter-dumped Liam Hemsworth over the weekend. Now her rep confirms Miley's engagement with Liam is officially off. Dunzo. Finito. Other word in another language that means over and ends in the letter "o." Can someone name one? Whatever. The point is, that thing we kept forgetting was supposed to happen (Miley and Liam getting married someday) is NOT going to happen after all. What a relief! Not that we believed that wedding was ever actually going to take place, because don't make me laugh. But at least they've finally dropped the exhausting charade.

"Liam and Miley are completely done and broken up," an insider told Us Weekly. And now, as we sort through the shattered wreckage of this on-again, off-again love story, it is time for us to feel our feelings. Here are all the emotions we're having about the Miley-Liam split.

First of all, we're just tremendously grateful that this engagement is over and everyone is moving on.

relief glee

I mean, what took you so long, Liam? How much of Miley's immature acting out could you take? And how dense could you be that this girl was just not that into you?

duh gif

We don't understand why anyone would even attempt to marry Miley Cyrus. You do not marry Miley. You witness Miley.

confused gif

Every time Miley and Liam told us they were TOTALLY still a couple, we were just so exasperated.

exasperated gif

Seriously losing patience with these two. And then after that crazy VMAs performance? We just lost it.

 are you kidding me

So yes, we're extremely happy with Miley and Liam for finally arriving at this very mature conclusion, however they reached it.

applause gif

Seriously, brought us to tears. But a warning to you, Miley and Liam. Do not, DO NOT!!! Attempt a reconciliation. Ever. Not even when you're in you're 80s. I am warning you.

miley says no

How do you feel about Miley and Liam's split?


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nonmember avatar erica

I feel extremely bored. Which is the only logical reason I could think of for opening and reading this post. Lol I mean, OH NOES! FIRST KRISTEN AND ROB, NOW MILEY AND LIAM?!?!?! WHATEVER SHALL I DO!?!?!

Taisie Taisie

Wow! This was an incredibly mean spirited and hateful post! It's filed under "LOL" which to me, is extremely juvenile. I cannot believe how gleefully you made fun of a relationship between two people ending. Have you forgotten how painful that is? I would totally swear this was written by a junior high schooler if I didn't know better. Shame on you!

JennJ... JennJenn616

it makes me sad.  Everyone keeps blaming Miley for their split, but how do we know that she wasn't acting out because Liam wasn't giving her the attention or support that she needed.  I was really pulling for these two.  She needs someone solid and stable in her life, and I was hoping it was him.  They looked so good together.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

She's batshit crazy and all but didnt he cheat on her? Lets not put ALL the blame on Miley for this one.

hello... hellokd87

Maybe he cheated on her BECAUSE she was batshit crazy. No reason to stray, but she's really lost it! WHY ON THIS GREEN EARTH would he cheat with January Jones?! Of all people, I can't stand her.

nonmember avatar Maggie

One of the worst things I have ever read. Regardless of whatever the circumstances may be, this article is extremely juvenile and unnecessary. Maybe someone will breakup with you and people can laugh at your expense.

nonmember avatar CalvinballPro

Did the author forget that he cheated on her? And that she took him back? Why are so many people excusing his cheating??

Maggie Edwards

He obviously hurt her. . .that is why all the drama.  Can't anybody see that.   Replay of her dad's cheating ways.  She is screaming in pain - the nude on the wreaking ball says it all. . she is raw and vunerable and for her to sign those words anyother way would not say just how raw her feelings are.  She is just a kid - she will get over all of this but your first broken heart is the worst.  Liam is a scum bag - and he will disappear and she will go on. . . trust me!   

the_c... the_cully

Let's not forget that poor Liam also dated Amanda Bynes. Either he likes the crazy, or he causes the crazy!

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