Bethenny Frankel Gets Ripped to Shreds by a 'RHONY' Star

bethenny frankelI can't believe it. After, what has it been, four years? Kelly Bensimon and Bethenny Frankel are still feuding. Well, kind of. Kelly recently unleashed on Frankel to Us Weekly after Bethenny made a snide comment about her during a Watch What Happens Live appearance. Apparently, during the show, Andy Cohen asked Bethenny which Real Housewives star she would never invite onto her new talk show, and she replied, "Danielle Staub." But after naming the former RHONJ member, Frankel went on and joked, "[Staub] can come over to my house and meet Kelly and Jason [Hoppy] and live with us."

Kind of out of left field, so I could see how Kelly would be annoyed. But then Bethenny went on to say that she would have Kelly on her show.

Sooooo ... that's kind of nice? Right? Yeah, Kelly didn't think so.

Bensimon told the mag: "We've done so much underneath this incredible cloud. She has literally tried to destroy every single thing I've done and I've never done anything to her," she added. "I don't even know her. I am tired of her attacking my reputation and defaming me whenever she can." She continued: "It's time to move on. I'm going to have to take action. I can't be hired to work and then have people four years later attacking me for no reason. This is NOT a joke anymore."

While I can see why Kelly would be annoyed at Bethenny for her out-of-the-blue comment on WWHL, I don't know if I'd go as far as to say this is Bethenny trying to destroy her. Kelly might be making a mountain out of a molehill here.

What I think really needs to happen is Kelly should take Bethenny up on her opportunity to appear on her show. They can hash things out there. How epic would that be? I, as a diehard Housewives fan, would watch the shit out of that episode.

So, what do you say, Kelly? A quick appearance on Bethenny? You can get everything off your chest, and Bethenny hers. It's the stuff RHONY dreams are made of. And how can you deny us that? It's your publicly duty, actually.

Would you like to see Kelly on Bethenny's show?


Image via Bravo


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nonmember avatar Beth

Andy brought up Kelly's name because she was recently photographed with Bethenny's ex, Jason. Bethenny made a joke about about Kelly moving in with her and Jason, as they are still sharing their multi-million dollar loft. She didn't make any defaming statements about her. Kelly is a complete nut and has a F'd up view of reality.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Kelly has clinical mental issues.  

nonmember avatar Jan Hyatt

I would watch that show only. I watched 2 times or tried to but was bored and turned it. I would not watch this program. Bethany rubs me the wrong way . Even her voice. Like her husband. Poor guy. How did he put up with her?

Cheryl Fieldson Ketcham

Kelly is a mental case !!!! She showed us all that on RHNY. Lighten the hell Kelly, Bethenny was just kidding !!!! Guess Kelly just wants to be relevant like Bethenny so getting pissed and going after her would put her in some tiny bit of limelight.

Marie Napolitano Rinaldi

Boy did this article take Bethenny's comments out of context. Bethenny was responding to a typical Andy Cohen stupid question. Bethenny could have Kelly on her show, but it would be anticlimactic...Kelly is inarticulate and after the first five minutes she would just embarrass herself and then call everyone a bully. It could be this is Kelly's shtick, but she should rethink her strategy... it's getting her nowhere.

Stephanie LaFrenier

Um maybe if you had actually watched the WWHL show you would have seen that Jason was photographed with Kelly recently.  Bethenny went on to say they all live in the same neighborhood then she joked Kelly lived with them.  Do your job, watch the half hour show before you write an article about it.

Lori Cortez-Billings

I think Kelly needs to watch the last season that Bethenny was on the show. Did she forget how she attacked Bethenny every chance she had.... I see Kelly still did not get the mental help she needs.

Bobbie Franklin

God Kelly is nuttier than squirrel shit so I don't give a damn if she likes or doesn't like what Bethanny says and my guess is Bethenny feels the same.  Kelly's 15 minutes of fame has been gone for 4 years she needs to just go away lol

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