Kim Kardashian’s Leaving Her Family Behind -- What Does This Mean for Her Future?

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kim kardashianThe times they are a-changing! If you had told me in 2010 that in 2013 Kim Kardashian would be the blonde mother of Kanye West's baby and that she occasionally posed for high fashion magazines covered in jam, I would have hospitalized you for insanity. Then I would have stolen your time machine. HA! (In this scenario, I am, apparently, quite devious.)

But that's how things shook out! Every move Kim's made over the past 18 months looks like an effort to separate from the family that helped make her career. What she's done now only makes her intentions even clearer.

Kim's fired her publicist and signed with someone else. It doesn't sound like there was any falling out with her former long-time rep, Jill Fritzo. The only real reason for the shift seems to be Kim angling to get away from her family, who are currently still handled by Fritzo.

If Kim's doing all this on her own, that's one thing. But if the pressure to break ties with her famous family is coming from Kanye, that's less cool. Kanye's wanted to make over Kim since they began dating. Remember how he trashed her wardrobe and eventually all but refused to continue being featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians? It's almost like he's embarrassed of Kim. Helping your lady out professionally is all well and good, but trying to make her into someone she's not is a giant red flag.

Do you think Kim is bowing to pressure from Kanye?


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tiafez tiafez

the saddest part is that Kim has always been "controlled" and "maintained" by someone. This will be WWK. World War Kardashian. To the victor goes the spoils (Kim). Either way she loses.

I wish she'd tell them all to ...butt out and find out who she wants to be. She's a Mom now, it's time to grow a set and become a role model of sorts for her daughter. She can learn to stand up for herself and be herself and in the process let her daughter grow up with an independant and confident mom. 

Cindy Hart Sullivan

Yes I do, and Kim you have always always been your own person, and ever since u got involved w/Kanye u have changed drastically, to let a man change how u dress, live and whtever else is not becoming to you...You definitely will loose a lot of ur fans I can guarantee that...bkz you already have..stop and smell the roses Kim bkz once there gone so are u. This is the life YOU and ur FAMILY made not long have u gotten b4 him and urself that question...very I think you should def think b4 u act...and your right who the hell am I to talk but I have been a fan of yours since the beginning, people looked up to you, and ur family all the hard work u put into your career, and ur just going to start firing those who have helped u get there just remember this Kim,,,"God dosent' like ugly" and that is he truth so I hope u think about what ur next step is...God Bless you and your baby North who by the way is gorgeous....just like her Mommy <3

nonmember avatar guest

"Turn her into something she's not" ...? The insinuation there is that, what she is, is simply a pseudo celeb and reality star. KUWtK actually is embarrassing. It's a spectacle that Kanye would have to be a part of. I don't think it's some controlling power play that Kanye is trying to separate his soon to be wife, and the child of his mother, out the reality tv world, and out of the clutches of her mother and her fame thirst.
The ties Kanye is allegedly trying to break, are the detrimental ones. Look at the Kardashians currently. The two youngest are getting reemed with bad press and making poor decisions, Khloe is going through a messy marital situation w/ zero privacy, Bruce and Kris are seperated, Scott D is constantly a public nightmare. Kim has a child and a husband now. A husband who also has a career and image to consider. I think Kanye doesn't want this trainwreck lifestyle to ruin their family. Good riddance.

Christina Snatchko

Oh for GOD'S sake!...ENOUGH ALREADY! She isn't part of my family or anybody I know, so nothing but a waste of time! If I was also super rich & living in LA or NY, then maybe I would also get famous where everyone gets to see me, but it's not. Thank GOD I have a normal regular life! 

nonmember avatar DiziDeb

Of course she is and she's going to be very unhappy!! Time will tell!! Hope she smartens up real soon!!!

Do us a favor, don't televise anything to do with the wedding please!!!!

Enough is enough...

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