Khloe Kardashian 'Panicked' Over Lamar Odom's Supposed OD

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Khloe KardashianPoor Khloe Kardashian. Her selfies may be more gorgeous than ever, but what is apparently going on behind the scenes is anything but smiles. Rumor has it that Khloe was "panicked" last week when rumors began circulating that her husband, Lamar Odom, had OD'd on crack and was dying. Despite various videos circulating of Lamar looking quite alive, word apparently reached Khloe that Lamar was in deep trouble. TMZ reports that Khloe began "power dialing" Lamar's cellphone to no avail and then began frantically dialing his pals. She finally reached him at his downtown loft and he told her that he was fine. WTF, what more can this woman go through?!

If even a small percentage of these drug allegations are true, it's no wonder Khloe is a mess. At this point, she must not know what is real and what is fiction. And despite the rumor that Khloe long ago threw Lamar out of their home when he refused professional help, she apparently still loves the guy. Yikes, this is a long way from Khloe & Lamar. Remember how cute they were? Damn.

But despite her panic, Khloe reportedly stuck to her guns and told Lamar again that he couldn't come home unless he straightened out. In rehab parlance, it's time for Khloe to "detach." The sad truth is that you can't make anyone -- let alone an addict -- do anything, and Khloe needs to self-protect.

Good for Khloe for sticking to her ultimatum, for Lamar obviously needs help badly if these rumors are remotely true. But there is nothing more difficult than watching a loved one self-destruct. But you can't destruct with him or her. Hence "detachment," which doesn't mean you stop caring, but it does mean you stop trying to control the situation -- because you can't do that anyway. And sometimes trying to control someone just makes them act out and behave worse.

I feel for Khloe and the concern and fear she must have for Lamar. Let's just keep hoping that Lamar sees everything he stands to lose, and everything he can regain, if he gets help.

What do you think Khloe should do? Have you ever dealt with an addict?


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nonmember avatar amy oreilly

i just watched the show the test...... and that homewacker whore was on....... and she passed all the qustions about the afair.... it wow.. all true so i say fuck that .... she my fav..... k. and she needs to say good buy........ what more can she go thorw... she need to move on...and fast........

nonmember avatar NYCDiggs

I've dealt with a drug addict years ago, I actually WAS engaged to him and trust me you CANNOT force one to stop as it takes that person who is using to come forward to at least initiate the rehabilitation process. Adicts are only concerned about one thing: getting themselves their "fix" whatever the vice may be. All that can be done is to tell that person you are there for them and are never alone. In my case, I am no longer with this person and have moved on. From what I hear he is still using and sadly, it may take something far greater than losing a fiancee to realize an addict has a problem.

nonmember avatar Jill Amidon

I loved Khloe and Lamar together. If the rumor-ill is true or even remotely true, Khloe needs to protect herself. I'm quite sure that addicts don't really practice safe sex. She wants a family and now you have to worry about anything that may have been contracted that may be standing in the way of conceiving. It's such a shame Lamar's choosing to go down the same path as his father. He's letting all of his fans down. He just needs to get into a long rehab!

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