'DWTS' Season 17 Premiere: 6 Contestants Who Are Already Causing a Stir

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OMG. It's finally September 16, people -- and that means Dancing With the Stars season 17 premieres tonight. We can finally get the ballroom fix we've been missing for months on end. (Woo-hoo!)

This season is going to be bigger and better than ever, especially considering how amazing the cast is this time around. Many of the contestants are younger, edgier, and simply more interesting than those of past seasons. Hopefully plenty of new viewers will tune in and the ratings will be higher than ever.

And while it will be fun to watch everyone dance tonight, there are definitely a few cast members who will be more entertaining than others and who are already creating a decent amount of buzz for various reasons. Let's go ahead and pick out head turners, based on what they're most likely to be known for on DWTS.

  1. Most likely to say something inappropriate: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi -- Oh come on, you know Snooki doesn't have a filter (one of the things we love most about her), so odds are good that she's going to come out with a wacky statement or two referencing boobs, butts, or a combination of both. (I. Can't. Wait.)
  2. Biggest body transformation: Elizabeth Berkley -- Yes, I know she already looks amazing, but she recently said that dancing is helping her lose her baby weight, so expect her to shrink as the season progresses. If she does well in the competition, she'll be wearing belly-baring costumes in no time.
  3. Most controversial: Leah Remini -- Duh. You can't exactly leave Scientology and expect everyone to forget about it. We can expect Leah to be a hot topic of conversation throughout the duration of her time on the show.
  4. Most inspirational: Valerie Harper -- Something tells me Valerie is going to have Carrie Ann Inaba (and the audience) in tears after more than one performance. The fact that she's even willing to compete on DWTS is inspiration enough, so it will be a thrill to see how she progresses each week.
  5. Underdog we'll fall in love with: Jack Osbourne -- Wouldn't it be great if Jack turned out to be a real Fred Astaire? He's such a great guy and a devoted dad -- fans can't help but want to root for him.
  6. Most likely to hook up: Brandt Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd -- As far as I can tell, this dude is single (or at least he's not hitched), and considering how hot he is, his chemistry with Peta may be off the charts. Every season needs a rumored romance, so these two are probably our best bet.

Who are you most excited to watch tonight?


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Joan Csoka

I am interested to see how Leah Remini dances and Valerie Harpe.

Patrinia M Johnson

I can't wait to see Bill. He will always have something funny to say. I can't wait.

Helen Rahnell

Not very excited about this bunch of stars.I probably will skip this one

Carol Tucker

Rooting for Valerie Harper...U go girl :) Been your fan forever and wish you well.

Donna Kay Joy

I,m excited about Valerie and Jack!

casti... castinghub

Rooting for all of them!

Mith John

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My family and I have always been huge dancing with the stars fan, but I gotta tell ya this new format the show has decided to make doesn't do it for me at all!!! I felt the show was rushed and more than once conversations were cut and the camera just left the conversation still in progress!! I also that the costumes were HORRIBLE...some not even coming close to matching the partners. And, did you see Derick's jacket ripped down the back? Not a little costume failure..this was a total costume failure! Usually, especially on opening night the wardrobes are outstanding and just fabulous, but the only one that looked like any time or effort was used was snoki's outfit!!! That's pretty sad!! And, THREE new professional dancers this year????? Where's all our dancers DWTS????? I hate saying this, but, I was NOT HAPPY with this new show.....if it wasn't broke...then WHY try to fix it?? I hate everything about it!!!! :(

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