'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Penny Tells the Gorgas Exactly What They Want to Hear

Penny, Joe and Melissa GorgaSo much for sticking together, a united family front, and all that other Zen they achieved in Arizona. On tonight's episode of RHONJ, Melissa and Joe Gorga threw that all out the window at the first glimpse of Penny Drossos's (really bad) blonde hair.

Instead of sticking to her pact with Teresa Giudice that they confront Penny together about spreading rumors about the Gorgas (as Teresa claims), in one of the most staged and scripted events in all of Real Housewives history (and that's saying a lot), Melissa marched right up to Penny when she spotted her in a restaurant to try and get her to spill the dirt about Teresa. Not two seconds later, Joe was right behind her demanding to know who was behind the rumors.

This time, Penny didn't hesitate. She looked at Joe and said, "It was your sister." Just like they suspected.

She went on to try and prove that she and Teresa are actually friends, despite what Teresa said to the contrary. Her proof was that she had Teresa's cell and home phone numbers in her phone, which was flimsy, but a bit peculiar for sure for someone you barely know to have your digits. Not only that, she said that her husband, Johnny -- who has been harassing Melissa on Twitter -- has been getting his information from Teresa. Pretty damning stuff ... IF it's true.

Could Penny be full of crap and just looking to try and find a few minutes in the spotlight? Absolutely, but it all seems a little too suspicious. She did say that Teresa has asked them to stop with the rumors though, so at least there's that.

I'm not sure Teresa will ever admit that she had anything to do with the rumors, but maybe, just maybe, she's really ready to start anew now despite anything she did in the past. At this point, that's about the best the Gorgas can hope for. And didn't they say they didn't care anymore and were ready to move on no matter what, anyway?

All the rest of us can hope for is that this season mercifully comes to an end soon. I'm so sick of this same worn-out plot and old issues being regurgitated. It's more than time to move on.

Also tonight -- poor Kathy Wakile. Really, what else is there to say? At least everyone showed up to her cannoli party at some point, but prompt they were not. And what was with Teresa's totally catty comment to the camera about the cannoli? "Are they edible? Yeah." Nice support for the family there, Teresa, but I'm sure she'll have some excuse about how that wasn't what she meant at all. Just like she will about whatever Penny says she said and did.

Do you think Penny is telling the truth?


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jspla... jsplash23

why does Teresa need to be nice about Kathy's cooking career? Kathy came on her show to start shit, and she has bad mouthed Teresa's cookbooks. She was even caught on camera lying that one of the recipes was her mother's when it wasn't. Kathy's husband talks shit about Teresa EVERY SINGLE CHANCE he gets but Teresa has to be nice about Kathy? Please. 

Vicki Mossor Elam

They keep going on these retreats and making a vow to put everything in the past and move forward - then still make catty comments and remain self serving. It's hard to believe this group of people take anything at all serious other than what they can say or do to make themselves look like the family hero.

Starla Denise Minde

The author of this piece can't say that pennys part was scripted and edited but not realize that Teresa talking head could have been too...you could see where they "sliced" it.

nonmember avatar Trechopper

Team Trechoppers

Phyllis Dondiego



Wendy Aleman

Poor Teresa I feel that Bravo is setting her up and it is a sin.  This is a real family.  This is their life.  I know that they signed up for it but really?  Did they sign up for their lives to be destroyed?  Melissa and Kathy should thank God that they are on her show.  Yes, I said it.  The Teresa show.  It all revolves around her.  Bravo, think before you keep this up.  This is a family - isn't that more important than ratings?  

nonmember avatar Prettypinkie

Penny couldn't tell the truth if it was right in her nasty face that's for sure. Penny an her husband are nothing but Lying dogs when it comes to Teresa cuz they know if they keep up on the BS they will somewhat find themselfes on the show an that's just what Penny an her husband loves the Camera time .

Edna Chesek

I truly believe this Penny . You could tell Theresa was lying from the beginning when Joe  & punchingMelissa were questioning Penny in front of Theresa , Joe knew it, he spotted it right off the bat !!

nonmember avatar Sabrina

Penny is on twitter blaming editing now her handle is @pdkhair Melissa ex Bryan( @bulldog_nj) is also on twitter and hasnt denied the rumors. So why doesnt Joe Gorga cut the middle women out and go right to the source? Bryan has admitted he slept with Melissa and that he doesnt know Teresa. It must be easier to say everything that goes wrong in their lifeis because if Teresa. Im not a "Tre Hugger" but everything that happens to them cant be because of Teresa!

Lorraine Morello Nappa

I still don't think Teresa had anything to do with these rumors, and i really think they should all stay away from this crowd of trouble making so called friends? And i am tired of all this nonsense too. Someone should tell Melissa that she can't sing:)

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