Miley Cyrus Dumps Liam Hemsworth on Twitter

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Miley Cyrus Liam HemsworthThings between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been interesting of late, what with her crotch grabbing at the VMAs and his maybe sorta relationship with January Jones. And just how is a modern girl supposed to respond to a fiance who isn't out there publicly professing his love for her butt nekkid wrecking ball makeout sessions? Miley did what she had to do folks. She dumped Liam's sorry behind.

Well, on Twitter anyway.

Yes, Miley Cyrus has stopped following Liam Hemsworth on Twitter. They are no longer Twitter officiall, y'all!

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Which means ... what, exactly? Tongues are wagging that it means the engagement is officially off ... for real this time. But Miley's tongue seems to be back in her mouth for once -- she hasn't said, out loud, that she and Liam are done-zo. Maybe she was just getting bored with a dude who hadn't tweeted since August!

But then ... he did put up one last night about hitting the Floyd Mayweather fight. If only ol' Miles had been patient. Tsk. Tsk..

What do you think? Is this the 2013 version of breaking up?


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nonmember avatar Amy

I'm convinced they've been broken up for months. I don't know why Miley gets all the heat. Liam obviously cheated on her and maybe he's the reason she's the way she is? I feel bad for Miley, not Liam.

Ashley Fay

Liam needs to dump her now. He is on the rise as a movie star given the success of the Hunger Games. Miley has been on a downward spiral for a long time.

MrsIm... MrsImperfect

They're both at the age of finding out who they really are. Everyone trying to decipher what's going on with them is a waste of energy and time.

imandia4 imandia4

I don't care.

Sara Cunningham

Their life, not mine, don't care. Do what you want, kids.

nonmember avatar Dee

Fact, Liam H. was known not because of his movie, because he's with Miley! Regardless, let them both grow up individually if they're not together anymore. They're still both young.

there... theresaphilly

Just because she is not following him on Twitter, does not mean they have broken up.

Angie Eads

I can sleep easier tonight knowing that she's finally not stalking her ex-fiance anymore. 

seren... serenity137

I'm so tired of hearing about Miley Cyrus and who really cares if she broke up with her boyfriend?how does that effect any of our lives?

nonmember avatar night magic

Liam deserves better !!!

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