Kanye West Could Be Headed to Jail

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Kanye WestBad news for Kanye West this week. Kim Kardashian's beau may have avoided felony charges for his scuffle with paparazzi a few months back, but his nightmare is far from over. Kanye has been charged with multiple misdemeanors for allegedly attacking a photographer!

And don't let the word misdemeanor fool you; if he's convicted, baby North's daddy could be headed to jail!

The rapper was caught on video back in July, lunging at cameramen. He got a lucky break when the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office declined to press felony charges. But the case was moved over to the city's DA's office.

According to TMZ, the same municipality that brought Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom up on DUI charges earlier this week has now dropped criminal battery and attempted grand theft charges on Yeezy that carry a maximum sentence of a year in jail!

As if baby North West doesn't have enough craziness in her life right now, now she could have a jailbird for a daddy?

Watch the video of Kanye's paparazzi scuffle -- do you think the charges are warranted?



Image via TMZ

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lmh84 lmh84

I can't stand Kanye but the damn paparazzi is crossing the line. They are getting way too nosy and pushy.

zombi... zombiemommy916

The way I see it, the paparazzi KNOWS this guy despises them (obviously a great deal more than his fellow celebrities)...it's provocation at it's finest...and while I don't necessarily agree with his behavior, I don't think he belongs in jail...However, the guy seriously needs some anger management therapy AND a little humble pie...He's not that impressive.

lisam24 lisam24

As much as I don't like Kanye, he should be allowed to walk to his car without getting his path blocked or getting harrassed.   I mean some photog is going to make 100K off of him by saying something terrible about his kid or girlfriend?  That's not right.   And with this kind of media circus, if I was him I'd be scared to pieces taking my child out in public.  The paparazzi are crossing the line more and more.  They'll take the risks because the shot is worth it.

adamat34 adamat34

Lock him up. No one has the right to beat on someone. Sad thing is, this jerk will get away scott free. The legal.system doesnt apply to these people.

Yolie Scott

Celebrities only like the paparazzi when its to their benefit.

Andrew Roark

Maybe a night or two in the big house with "bubba" will bring him down a notch or twelve where he can exist with the rest of the world. Attitude problem x10. That said the paparazzi have gotten way out of control. I think Halle Berry is working with a law to help restrict them? Good luck with that (take that either way you like)

nonmember avatar Magic

This is a shame!! If you were being followed by people who took your picture every second they saw you, what would you do?? What can you really do?? Celebrities have rights too! He makes appearances and they can take as many as they want. The paparazzi should have charges pressed against him since Kanye made it known to TMZ that he didn't want his picture taken or people around him pictures taken. The man knew better but still did wrong.

nonmember avatar Laura

Who cares?

Peggy Harris


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