'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Joey Can't Handle Sexy Katie

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Katie Yeager Teen Mom 3Just when you didn't think Joey Maes could come off as any more of a jerk, the Teen Mom 3 star tops himself. On tonight's episode, Katie Yeager was invited to appear in a runway fashion show, modeling dresses and some (tasteful) lingerie. But when she told her boyfriend, he hit the roof.

Because, ya know, his just-had-a-baby girlfriend should only be proud of her rocking bod in the comfort of their apartment (read: in front of her controlling man) -- not out in public. Sigh.

I'll admit when I heard the word lingerie, I was a little worried myself about what Katie might be wearing down that runway, but there was no reason for Joey to freak out on her without letting her explain herself. And when she did walk the runway in a corset and a tutu, she was waaaaay more covered than your average girl at the beach. Of course, he'd stormed out of the place to go have a smoke before he could really get a good look at her, so what would he know?

The issue here clearly isn't Katie -- it's Joey. He needs to learn that Katie is not his property, and he needs to learn that loving someone means supporting them, not tearing them down.

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Speaking of issues, it was good to see Alex Sekella trying to work through hers tonight. She and Matt McCann may be done with a capital D, but she's still talking to a counselor and trying to do the right thing by their daughter. She's lucky to have her mom talking her through things.

So is Briana DeJesus. Her sister, Brittany, went away for a week-long girls' road trip, leaving Briana to fend for herself with baby Nova. The dichotomy of the two sisters' paths -- remember, Brittany also ended up pregnant as a teen but chose to have an abortion -- is a potent reminder of what could have been for Briana, and she clearly takes it to heart. Tonight she burst into tears in front of mom Roxanne, apologizing for her mistakes making her -- and baby Nova -- a burden. But Roxanne is quickly becoming the uber parent (think Randy Houska) of Teen Mom 3, and she immediately steps in to let her daughter know that she loves her daughter and grandchild, and she will never treat them like a burden.

Go Mom!

As for Mackenzie Douthit (McKee), her storyline continues to be the most stable. Josh isn't exactly effusive (seriously, could the guy BE any quieter?), but in many ways he's Joey Maes' polar opposite. He supports Mackenzie's tumbling, and she has decided it's time to support his return to bull riding.

What did you think of Joey's meltdown? Was he out of line?


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nonmember avatar Shannon

I love briana's mom. She is very supportive and family orientated! Great example for mothers everywhere

Shandi80 Shandi80

Is that makeup her halloween costume? I love dramatic looks as much as the next person but that is just awful.

nonmember avatar Christie

I love Brianna's mom too. She's awesome and so supportive without being pushy. She lets them make their decisions, gives her opinion, and supports them.

nonmember avatar tori

I honestly think it is pure bullshit that people think Joey is a "jerk". He supports his family, pays their bills, takes care of his daughter, and btw he works a very dangerous job and their rent for their apartment is $930 a month. So what if he didn't want Katie to walk down a runway in front of hundreds of people half naked. I know my husband wouldn't like that and he isn't "controlling". Katie always makes herself out to be the victum, when she really isn't. In past episodes of teen mom 3 she was on the phone with a friend talking about the fight with Joey over a phone bill. She claims she just sat on the couch and didn't say anything whenever she provoked the argument in the first place! In the same episode she is talking to her mom she says she didn't fight back when she did. So no it isn't obvious that it's Joey and not Katie. She thinks she is so mature but shen is not! & quite fankly it bugs the hell out of me. If you cannot tell she is my least favorite Teen Mom this season.

nonmember avatar michelle

Tori just so your aware Joey is a woman beater. Katie is a victim of domestic violence and it wasn't just her it was also his new girlfriend. Google it.

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