Lamar Odom's DUI Charge Is a Sign His Troubles Are Far From Over

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Lamar OdomUh-oh, you guys. TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom has been charged with one count of DUI stemming from his arrest that occurred back on August 30.

He was stopped on the 101 Freeway after the cops noticed his speed was too slow. They figured he was probably under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. After failing sobriety tests, he was arrested -- and if that's not bad enough, he refused to take a blood alcohol test.

(Gee. I wonder why?)

In addition to having his driver's license suspended for one year, Lamar will now have to face being arraigned on September 27 to determine whether or not he's found guilty of the DUI charge.

(And based on what's taken place over the past few weeks, it ain't lookin' good.)

Although I guess the good news is that by refusing to take the blood alcohol test, he saved himself from being charged with two counts of DUI, had he failed it. (Always a silver lining.)

Sigh. What happened that made Lamar go from being the cool dude we all saw being lovey-dovey with Khloe Kardashian on TV to a guy who's getting busted? It really is so unfortunate how he's taken a downward turn these days.

With any hope, he'll wind up in some sort of counseling or rehab to finally get the help he so obviously needs. If that doesn't happen, I'd hate to see what the next headline involving Lamar reads.

Are you surprised that Lamar was charged with DUI?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Not surprised; he messed up, and it is right that he deal with the consequences. That said, I do feel sympathy about all aspects of the situation: Lamar's deep problems, Khloe's heartbreak, the outlook for them as a couple. Good grief: When trouble strikes, it sure does seem to feed on itself! I hate to see people in such pain, and I truly hope that some glimmer of light can begin to push away their dark days.

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