Charlie Hunnam Confesses How He Really Feels About Playing Christian Grey (VIDEO)

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charlie hunnamCharlie Hunnam may be on top of the world right now having just nabbed the gig that could catapult him to superstardom, but he also seems to realize that with great power comes great responsibility. Ha ha, yes, the POWER -- and responsibility -- of playing Christian Grey!

The handsome actor recently spoke with On the Red Carpet about how he hopes he can do the character justice considering just how attached to him fans have grown. And believe me when I tell you that if you haven't yet warmed up to the idea of him playing Christian, this could be the gamechanger ...

Explaining where he was coming from when he was first approached and later cast for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Charlie said:

You know, I wasn't familiar with the material. I obviously knew of it, but I hadn't read the books myself and I was approached by the director, Samantha Taylor-Johnson, and she talked to me at great length about her intention and what she hoped to do with this film and it just got me really, really excited when I read the book. As the process progressed and it became clear that they wanted me to do it, it was just really exciting and a great honor to be entrusted with bringing this character to life. ... I mean, he's such a -- you know, he became part of the zeitgeist. He's such a loved, you know, character that's it's a real honor to be entrusted with him.

"A great honor"?! "Entrusted"?! Awww! See what I mean?! He's thoroughly, adorably grateful and seems to understand it's a really big deal that he was cast ... even if he wasn't super-familiar with the books.

He elaborated on the drawbacks of stepping into the beloved, mercurial billionaire's shoes:

I mean of course, a little bit of pressure. With literature and properties that are so well known, everybody has their own vision, you know, literature is so subjective, so that you come into it you create, as a reader, as an audience member, the character in one's own mind. So I'm never going to satisfy everyone's vision of who this guy is, but I do know and feel really confident that I have a strong take on who he is, who I think he is and can bring him to life in a really fun and exciting way.

Fun and exciting?! Whoa. Christian's never sounded hotter. This to me is the best proof yet that Charlie's going to win our hearts as the leading man. Sign me up! Really, it is no wonder Brad Pitt is backing Charlie has a whipsmart, stand-up, talented guy! He sure sounds like it to me.

Here's the clip of his interview in full ...


What do you think about Charlie's approach to playing Christian Grey?


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nonmember avatar LAXMOM

He is so hot in SOA I can't take it!! I just know he will knock our socks off as Christian Grey!!!!

dariu... darius-momma08

He is so sexy. I would be totally submissive for him. lol

pooks... pookster54

I couldn't believe how many people were disappointed when they announced that Charlie Hunnam would play Christian. This man is S-E-X-Y as hell! LAXMOM-I agree with you about SOA and how hot he is. I haven't read the books & I wasn't interested, but now I'm reconsidering that since I can picture Charlie Hunnam ordering me around. :)

nonmember avatar Terra

Actually finding out he was cast as C.G is what after years of bagging out my friends for reading them and the books themselves,pushed me to read the books.Ive seen Hunnam on SOA and as an actor I know without a doubt that he's got this.hes got the talent to so the role and do it justice!

nonmember avatar Shannon

Glad to finally comment on an article where there is a lot of support for Charlie. He wasn't my original choice and before this I was completely unfamiliar with him but I think after watching thus far 3 1/2 seasons (I am in the middle of S4) of him in SOA I think he will be great. He really is a great actor and especially starting in S4 when he starts wearing his hair short really, really HOT!

nonmember avatar Brittany

I'd let Charlie Hunnam be my Christian Grey any day!

Beth Smith

He does not fit the part.  Even his voice is wrong.  I'm sorry but I just can't jump on the band wagon.

nonmember avatar Bobbi

I wasn't to impressed when he was first cast as CG. I've changed my mind and think he's a good choice. Nice to hear his thoughts on playing this iconic character. Wish I could say the same for Dakota Johnson playing Ana.

Danièle Ducharme

Je suis vraiment décu que ca soit lui !!!!!

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