Crazy One Direction Fan Allegedly Kills Dog Because They Ignored Her

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Warning: the story I'm about to share with you is highly unpleasant. On August 29, a fan using the Twitter handle @illumivato tweeted the British boy band One Direction with the threat, "FOLLOW ME OR I'LL BREAK MY DOG'S NECK." She included a photo of a tiny dog being held down on the floor, someone's hand on its neck. When she wasn't followed, another tweet was eventually sent to singer Liam Payne with the message that the dog was now dead, along with a disturbing photo of a crying girl holding the unmoving dog.

There are plenty of folks who believe this Twitter account -- which is now suspended -- was a hoax, and hopefully that's true. But there's something about the creepy second photo that makes me believe someone really did kill that dog.

Worse, this isn't the first threatening image the fan has posted.

I kind of hate to even speculate about this whole thing, because it's either completely gruesome or a deranged joke, but if you can stand it, take a close look at this photo @illumivato posted:

Maybe the dog is just ... lying there? But to me its little face looks totally lifeless.

I hope I'm just reading too much into a prank and the dog is perfectly fine. The thing that makes me lean towards believing this is a sick hoax account is that there have been other disturbing images posted from the allegedly obsessed One Direction fan, including cats and dogs stuffed into blenders, a gun held to a little dog, and a young boy bound with duct tape. Each photo included a demand that someone from One Direction follow her account.

There's currently a nearly 4,000-signature-strong petition asking for the @illumivato account to be investigated by Twitter, PETA, the police, and other organizations. So far, the accountholder's name and location have not been revealed.

The messed up part of this story is that even if there isn't REALLY a crazy fan who's willing to break the neck of her beloved pet to get a boy band's attention, there's at least a crazy person who's willing to pretend to be that psychotic. One situation is better than the other, I suppose, but either way it's pretty upsetting.

Do you think this Twitter account was a hoax?

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adamat34 adamat34

Can we all agree this child has the psychological tendencies of a potential serial killer?? If this is indeed a real post I believe the authorities are obligated to intervene and extensive psychological testing needs to be done. Lock this child away until recovery, if that is even feasible. Good God someone step in.

Katha... Katharine205

What the hell is wrong with these people?

BirdCo BirdCo

Holy fuck.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

On the upside, her Twitter account has been suspended. Hopefully this is nothing more than a troll, and if it's not, I sincerely hope that this young woman gets the help she needs.

Autumn Rae L. Schmidt

Oh my God. This is so so horrible. She is an evil little girl. Why is something not being done about this!?! This is going to give me nightmares. I'm going to cuddle my dogs now...

nonmember avatar Brandi

This particular photo was posted to Reddit months ago because people were shocked that this girl posted it to her facebook account. Many of these images have been on the internet for awhile in some form or another.

The twitteraccount is obviously a hoax account, and it is unfortunate that other people can't see that.

I know that doesn't make the images any less disturbing. But If I can find this information online in 5 minutes, maybe you should consider doing a bit of research before posting.

schlis schlis

Is it really too much to ask to go through life without seeing a living animal in a blender? I'm seriously going to have nightmares.

Baile... Bailey8307

Even if they didn't kill the dog, this person has abused these animals and the young boy and woman. I am signing the petition. Someone is behind this and I hope they are caught soon!

nonmember avatar Amanda

So, morbid curiosity prodded me to look for her twitter account, and it's been taken down. Also, elsewhere on the internet it's been reported that before she took it down she had a little snit about "people are still talking about the dead dog thing? I was TROLLING. STOP." First: that isn't trolling. That is crazy. Second: did she do it and hope people *wouldn't* talk about it? Isn't that why she said "Follow me or else" all these times to all these different people, for attention? Anyway. This little girl needs some help, however old the pictures are and whether or not she thinks what she's doing is funny. The simple fact is, it isn't funny to threaten to kill things for attention.

nonmember avatar Becks

Her twitter hasn't been suspended its well and truely active and she's still tweeting ppl abuse and defending her actions! her profile pic is the image of her holding the dog! The child needs locking up forever! The poor dog whether its true or not! It deserves a owner that loves it! Sick sick child

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