Tamra Barney's Instagram Pic Shows Why Her Third Marriage May Actually Last

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tamra judgeTamra Judge (better known to us as Tamra Barney) is known for her fit form. Lady is 46 years old and in better shape than I will ever be. The woman does co-own a gym, so it's not surprising that she's ripped. I guess she is supposed to be a walking advertisement for her business. Still, some of her modes for staying trim seem a bit ... deranged. 

Her latest attempts at keeping her insane body up to her rigorous set of standards? Bikini workouts with new hubs Eddie Judge. In my nightmares I have to be in front of this man in a bikini. There's a lot of crying involved -- from both of us. 

While prepping for a magazine shoot, Tamra decided it would be a good idea to do a quick set of push-ups. Being the faithful spouse, Eddie decided to "help" her. If you can call squatting on top of her as she worked "helping" -- and I will. 

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I guess maybe that counts as spotting her? Let's be real though. I am hardly a bastion of fitness, and even I would feel inspired to work my core if it meant I had Eddie standing around shirtless to inspire me. What's that you say, Eddie? If I do more lunges, your pants are coming off? Lunges here we come! Feel that burn indeed.

With Eddie around, would you increase your push-up count? 

Image via Instagram

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SuzyB... SuzyBarno

I glad the way she has turned things around. And I love her slogan "Strong is the new skinny". It's a better example for our daughters. Of course I would increase my push up count with my husband around. I believe couples should be as fit as possible together.

nonmember avatar Sue

This woman is 46 yrs old and the mother of four !!!

A disgrace !!!!!!

Char Marie

I think the only people that find her a disgrace are jealous!! She is beautiful, smart and straight forward. She deserves her happy...so to all the haters...live your own life!

briba... bribaby798

@sue why the hell is she a disgrace?!

tuscani tuscani

I first thought @Sue was being Facetious..but then again maybe she is not in which I'd have to reiterate.. "What Disgrace?" That being said. Please quit using the word "Haters1" Sounds so Juvenile. Not everyone is a Hater if they dislike someone. I'll admit Tamra is in Awesome Shape..But she is less desirable in the "True Friendship" Category... I believe she is two-faced, a liar, and is out for herself. Doesn't mean I'm a "Hater." Do  you mean to say not everybody on the show deserves Happiness?....Because I view it differently simply means I call them as I see them. It is called an "OPINION." which we are all entitled to have....Plus, I can give you reason, also, if requested. Back up yours first! So if you don't think someone is a "hater" you ARE living you own life..but by your same token if you think that someone IS a "Hater" they are NOT living their own life.. Yea..Makes a whole helluva lot of sense to me. Please learn to form thoughts and constructive criticism so we can at least pretend you graduated Middle school.

nonmember avatar SandyFig

Good comment Tuscani! I agree.....highly doubtful this marriage will make it to 5 years. Eddie doesnt seem to genuinely love her. Tamra is rude, backstabbing and not a loyal friend and thinks she's all that. Is everybody else tired of having Cut fitness shoved down our throats? Go Simon!

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