Rihanna's Vulgar New Purse Looks Like a Lame Attempt to Upstage Miley (PHOTO)

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rihanna vivienne westwood penis clutch around fansIs there something in the water in London this week that's making visiting U.S. pop stars bust out the particularly annoying, raunchy behavior and really cringe-worthy fashion? First, Miley Cyrus trotted around town in what looked like 23-year-old hand-me-downs from Madonna's Blond Ambition World Tour. Then, Rihanna stepped out, guns blazing (as evidenced by the crazy pic to the left) ... or should I say penis clutch blazing?!

Yup, she's making that lewd gesture because she has in her hand a $442 purse designed by Vivienne Westwood sporting a gold, glittery ... PENIS. Looovely. And because I know you wanna see, here's a pic of the abominable thing up close that RiRi posted to Instagram ...

penis clutch vivienne westwoodRihanna captioned the pic, "Super impressive!!!" Is it now? Why is this impressive? No. It's unnecessary and ridiculous. I'm all about sexual imagery being used in a way that makes you think or is interesting or provocative. This is none of the above. It looks like something my 12-year-old self would have spied and giggled about at Spencer's during a trip to the mall. Come on, Vivienne Westwood -- you can do a helluva lot better than THAT!

As for Rihanna, though, yuck! Is she trying to step up her game to make sure she's on par with Miley's? Does she feel threatened by the recent overexposure of Miley's super-pointy tongue and slightly pointy bras? Oh, man, now I'm having flashbacks to eight or nine years ago when Paris Hilton, LiLo, Britney all tried to out-wardrobe malfunction and vajayajay-flash one another with the paparazzi. Except this feels way more intentional. Somebody, please, make it stop!

What kind of "statement" do you think Vivienne Westwood and Rihanna were attempting to make with this clutch?


Images via W8 Media/Splash News & BadGirlRiri/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Sunnilove22

I like the purse. I dont know if I would make the gestures with that she did or carry it with my kids around... Fashion is something that is crazy and weird. But let's keep making a big deal out of everything this girls do... that will make them stop and surely teach them a lesson.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Women behave like this and then wonder why they're disrespected and treated like crap. What is that saying about teaching others how to treat you? Acting like a crass vulgar a-hole and you'll never be treated like a dignified respectable woman.

lalab... lalaboosh

What Sunni said.

Anita Clark

Rihanna has always been a foul, nasty slut...Miley is just following her lead. Both of these skanks disgrace women in general. Nasty whores that get what they ask for and then boo hoo to the world when "disrespected" ...Trash..she's pure trash!

nonmember avatar Michele

The purse is ugly....very ugly. And not witty or daring, just ugly.

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