Brandi Glanville's Latest Tweet Demonstrates Exactly Why She Doesn't Have a Man

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brandi glanvilleI'm starting to get the feeling that there's a reason Brandi Glanville isn't in a serious relationship. She's in love with Twitter, and she compares every man she meets to it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was rumored to be dating ex-flame Jonathan Ruiz, but that relationship seems to have gone to crap, because a little over a week ago, she tweeted: "Ex-boyfriends are ex for a reason #dontgoback." And now she just wrote: "I'm done with ALL men #lesbianpillplease."

Question: Would you want to be involved with someone who aired every single relationship grievance to their thousands of Twitter followers? You would? Oh, then let me introduce you to Brandi!

First of all, Brandi ought to cool it with the "I'm swearing off men forever" schtick, because A) she's obviously not, and B) that, quite frankly, is getting old. But moreover, Brandi needs to stop tweeting about her relationship issues all the time. Say she and some dude she was dating just got into a fight. And then she fired off this "I'm done with ALL men" tweet. If you were that guy, would you appreciate that? Who wants to read vague, passive-aggressive comments online about themselves all the time?

Brandi, I don't mean to overstep any boundaries here, but I'd like to make a suggestion. Stop tweeting about your love life for god's sake. Clearly, it's not doing you any good. You're a funny and intelligent enough person to be able to tweet about things other than dudes. Like your hair. Have you ever considered a tweet about your hair? Food for thought.

What do you think of Brandi's constant tweets about her relationships?


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nonmember avatar Sunny

Brandi complains about EVERYTHING, very negative and insecure

nonmember avatar sandy

I can not help it: I feel kind of sorry for Brandi--not in an oh-the-poor-vulnerable-girl way; rather, I empathize with her. It may seem to others (and it may be factually true) that years have passed since the Eddie fiasco. For Brandi, though, that sense of loss and betrayal left her with so much anger and pain that those feelings, no matter how much time has passed, come barreling to the surface whenever ANYONE--man or woman, but especially a man--threatens her tentative steps toward trusting. In all seriousness and with all respect and care, I think that she really could benefit from 1) staying PRIVATE with her relationship ups and downs (including those with friends); and 2) getting into some (more?) therapy or counseling to get to the bottom of her anger, pain, and the need for all to hear about and acknowledge it. She CAN move on in a way that will have her wondering how she ever could have aired all of her woes in the first place: She needs more time to heal, that's all.

Genie Simi Heldt

Brandi definitely has issues regarding boyfriends and regular friends. She can't hold on to them!     She hides behind saying she's honest to stir up trouble and be mean spirited sometimes. She's a hot mess and I don't feel the least bit sorry for her. She's trying to be the Twitter version of Taylor Swift. Brandi needs to grow up and shut the hell up for a change. 

nonmember avatar kimberly

this seems sad but true. It appears Brandi's passive aggressive behavior is revealed to everyone, including her girlfriends. She appears to have this same behavior with girlfriends too. I think she still has the "pretty girl" model mentality & thinks everything revolves around her

Susan Marie Cotton

I think she's nuts...there, I said it...THAT'S THE REASON SHE DON'T HAVE A MAN!!! Who would want her...well maybe for a a night...she needs to stop the madness for real.

nonmember avatar Granny Calef

Here is what I don't get. If you are predisposed not to like her tweets, then why look? That said, I see nothing wrong with a little venting. We all do it. Good for the mental health. Brandi is hardly a victim. She took a painful divorce and let it make her grow as s Mom and as a person.

Vinta... VintageAnn

Here's the deal with Bradi. Her character is skewed and was long before she and Cibrian divorced. Go back a little bit into her history.

She now is a single mom who is angry, bitter and jealous. She believes her children will never see any of her online life. She is wrong. She drinks too much and mixes alcohol with anti depressants. That is why she is all over the place.  

She needs professional help but will never get it because she believes its okay to drop the f-bomb and attack her ex and his wife and its all going to be fine. It's not going to be fine. It's a train wreck.

nonmember avatar mickey

Brandy gets old very quick. At first, I really liked her "say it, like it is" personality and I faithfully watched the show, bought her book, etc. But now she is like yesterday's news. 90% of everything she says and does is for publicity and money and it is always the same old sob story. Enough is enough, already! I'm bored with it/her. She really does not have any talent and her fu personality wears real thin, real fast. I know, I will not spend any more of my money to purchase any future books by Brandy. She is like the proverbial "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free". Her 1st book was nothing to rave about, and her life since then is plastered ALL over the internet--she makes SURE of that!! So why waste the money??

nonmember avatar Sal

Ok, wtf is wrong with the author? Brandi has NEVER gone into in-depth discussions on twitter about her love life. The extent of her comments are all of "I'm over men". Big freaking deal!!!! Twitter is DESIGNED for your current thoughts and current EMOTIONS. The author over-reacts and over-reaches and over-dramatises it and acts like Brandi names her bfs and writes about them ala Swift. Brandi has never named them or twitted in-depth info. Twitter was DESIGNED for people who tweet about their co-workers, hubby/boyfriend, kids. Thats THE ENTIRE GOD-DAMN POINT of twitter. Duh!!! A harmless and very GENERIC "I'm off men" is so damn innocuous and common its not even worth referring to. Wtf is this Nicole Fabian-Weber on? Has she only just discovered Twitter and hasn't yet discovered WHY it exists? O.o smh and rme.

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