Miley Cyrus Goes Completely Nude & Has Us Fearing the Worst (VIDEO)

She came in like a WRECKING BALL and completely shattered everything we ever thought we knew about her. Hey Miley Cyrus, a little piece of advice: Put your tongue back in your mouth and put your clothes back on. Seriously, you're making a fool of yourself. Ugh, you've got to see this to believe it:

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miley cyrus wrecking ball

Do you think Miley has completely crossed the line?

miley cyrus


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nonmember avatar Meg

Yes and a thousand times yes! Im tired of miley and her ridiculous stunts.

nonmember avatar Liz

Ok, first off, why don't you listen to the video an understand that her video is about the fact that love strips is emotionally and physically, so being naked shows the vunelrability of being in love. It also shows that she loves the pain that it causes her. Her laying in the rubble is basically her left without her love. So yes. It is perfectly acceptable. If you don't like her music video don't watch it.

Destiny Allen

I am sooo over the whole: but its art and she is so misunderstood. So if being naked meant something and the wrecking ball meant something. I'm assuming her licking a sledge hammer meant something, then what did her gyrating with a foam finger at the MTV video awards show mean? Miley is desperately trying to escape her Disney Hannah Montana image and going overboard. She is trying too hard and that's not sexy. I like her music just dont like the lame attempt at attendtion. 

nonmember avatar Marie

Definitely something is wrong about this girl.

Cryst... CrystalLynne

Honestly, I thought the video was awesome. And Miley has a hot body why not show everyone. She is showing that she is just as vulnerable as the rest of us. I feel it was done in a tasteful way. It was far better than her vma performance. I love how she smacked herself across the face. Did that hurt, Miley? Lol

Cassieopia Hursh

Nonmember Liz- I would like to commend you on your answer! I completely and totally agree and am not sure i could have expressed my sentiments any better! That was exactly what I was thinking! CrystalLynne- Kudos to you as well! This could have been poorly done, but alas it was not!

nonmember avatar kimberly woods

Love this. video!!it is gorgeous and the words are a total explanation of the depiction of her tormented state! She is a beautiful young woman who has obviously had her heart ripped out of her right cage while it is still aching with passion and undying love for the only man she has ever totally and completely given her self to!!! I find her amazing!

Taint... Tainted_Love

  Liz, Crystal, and Cassieopia - It doesn't matter if it was done tastefully or not. After everything that she's done, the video is just not right. I don't care what the "message" is that she's trying to send by being naked! Did you know that there were a lot of other singers/bands that had the same message in their songs but didn't get naked in a video? Hell, there's a verse in Natalie Imbruglia's song Torn that goes "Nothing's fine I'm torn. I'm all out of faith. This is how I feel. I'm cold and I am chained, lying naked on the floor." But you don't see her lying on the floor naked. She doesn't get undressed in the slightest (with the exception of taking her jacket off). There are better ways to give an analogy. She wants to get rid of her Disnay Channel "Hannah Montana" persona, there are better ways to do that. She needs to grow up! And by "grow up" I mean she needs to mature. FAST!

Kelsie Lynn McCord

The video is exposing her soul there for she felt she had to expose her full self....this is art. Why don't you people actually listen to the song.

nonmember avatar me

I actually dont have an issue with the video, its artistic, it matches the song like other people have said, I also like the song, which I was surprised. Now I still think her vma "performance" was horrid, there was nothing artistic about that, it was a sad attempt to try to be edgy and sexy which failed badly but the video, I have no issues

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