Dakota Johnson Dating Jordan Masterson: Everything We Know About Her Leading Man

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dakota johnson jordan mastersonFifty Shades of Grey fans may be hoping sparks fly between leads Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam on-screen and off, but that's looking even less and less like a possibility. While we weren't 100 percent sure that Dakota was seeing anyone seriously, it's now official: She's in a relationship with fellow actor 27-year-old Jordan Masterson. In addition to attending several red carpet events together over the past year, Jordan's younger sister, actress Alanna, recently shared several snaps of the couple on Instagram. And it's pretty clear they're crazy for one another.

Here, 7 things to know about Dakota's main man ...

  1. Jordan, like Dakota, is part of a famous family. He's the younger half-bro of actors Danny Masterson (That '70s Show) and Christopher Masterson.
  2. He has a pretty hefty resume. He appeared as Mark in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Dumptruck on the ABC Family series Greek, and has guest starred on shows like George Lopez, Las Vegas, 7th Heaven, and How I Met Your Mother. He replaced Nick Jonas in the second season of Last Man Standing.
  3. If his Instagram accounts is any indication, he's been dating Dakota for about a year. Sounds -- and looks! -- pretty serious!
  4. The cute couple likes to hang out and do crossword puzzles. One of the pics Alanna shared of the couple shows them diligently working on a crossword puzzle together -- in pen! "My two favorite people," Alanna captioned the photo. Aww!
  5. He's a Scientologist. Jordan is a member of the controversial church, according to The Daily Mail, and reportedly hails from a “high-profile Scientology family.” Jordan and Alanna have belonged to the religious organization since childhood.
  6. He reportedly hasn't spoken to his dad in 9 years. Alanna and Jordan's father, former Australian rugby player Joe Reachie revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his children in nine years after being excommunicated from the Church of Scientology for defying the hierarchy. Whoa.
  7. Dakota has yet to name him as her boyfriend. She only once commented that she was a taken woman during an October 2012 interview. “I have a boyfriend that I’ve been with for a while. I’ve only been in long-term relationships. I’ve never really dated myself.”  

Surely, with all eyes on her as Ana, she'll end up talking about him sooner rather than later ... That is, if they stay together. I'm sure it's not going to be easy for him to see Dakota heat things up with Charlie on-screen, but as long as he has a healthy attitude about it -- like it sounds Charlie's girlfriend does -- they'll be juuuust fine.

Do you think these two make a cute couple?


Image via lucytwobows/Instagram

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Laure... Lauren0983

I really don't think anyone cares about who she's dating. I'm just so tired of hearing every little thing about her and seeing her face everywhere, and the movie hasn't even come out yet! All I know is she is 50 Shades of NOT ANA! 

Eva Madden

Her forehead is seriously large...

Jessica Clark

she has a very matronly look to her... looks old... i agree 50 shades of NOT ANA!

flood... flood1971

You could cast Dan Quale as Ana and it would still suck, WORST Writing ever!

iluvm... iluvmychis

give the griping a rest!


nonmember avatar Lizzie

Eva Madden, out of all the things you could have said, you had to say that? You probably have a big ass as well as a big mouth.

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