Brandi Glanville Accuses Lisa Vanderpump of Some Seriously Shady Shenanigans

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Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi GlanvilleWhat was just supposedly a "bump in the road" in the friendship between Real Housewives of Beverley Hills Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump just became bumpier. After a reported blow-up while in Puerto Rico, we thought they might be moving forward, but now Brandi is making new and even more troubling accusations against her former BFF. 

Brandi says it all has do with Scheana Marie, the woman with whom her ex, Eddie Cibrian, cheated. She claims Lisa used her to help Scheana.

Radar Online quotes a column Brandi wrote for Australia's NW Magazine in which she states:

I found out some unsettling things about her using me to get this Scheana girl, the girl Eddie cheated on me with, publicity. I thought I had done my part by talking to her [Scheana] in the first place. I wanted Lisa to get her show. But then to find out Lisa is like her second mother and there are plans to help her [Scheana] get a spin-off show?

Yikes, Lisa wouldn't do that ... would she? I don't want to think so, but there's a part of me that wouldn't put it past her. I'm sure she'd have a ready excuse that sounds great in her lovely accent, but she does seem pretty ruthless when it comes to business. So I don't know.

At least it doesn't seem like a deal breaker for the two IF Lisa is willing to apologize.

I really trusted Lisa. I’ll always love her, but I want an apology. I feel like I was becoming her sidekick and I needed to find me again.

I really hope they work things out. Sidekick or not, Brandi and Lisa seem to have a lot of fun together, and they're fun to watch. But if they're friends, they've also got to have each other's backs, and if what Brandi is saying is true, then even if they do make up, I think she better watch her own back a little more closely around Lisa in the future. And who wants to watch a Scheana spinoff anyway?

Do you think Lisa would use Brandi to get publicity?


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nonmember avatar Michele

I just Read Brandi Glanvilles twitter, she doesn't mention anything about this. In fact a few days prior she tweeted that she didn't know where people were reading this stuff and she hasn't said anything to anyone or given any interviews. She also said they aren't allowed to discuss anything about the show. Don't know if you can trust Radar Online and I also looked at the "original source" Radar provided and couldn't find anything. Maybe it's there but I didn't see it.

The show must be returning soon?

nonmember avatar CherryWine

I love their friendship.Out of all the housewives they are two of my top favorites.I sure hope they can work it out and stay united as BFF's

Hummingbrd Seattle

sticking out tongue NOT funny ...  BUT I think this is to make us watch the new season that is coming soon !

JaneD... JaneDoh57

Sheanna who? her 15 minutes was up before the show tried to resurrect it. I believe Micheles blog...Radar online is questionable, so is this site. Im on it purely bc In bored

Etta Samples-Bredeson

What would this Sheanna do Cause she CAN'T Sing a Note !! Yes she is Pretty but that is about IT.. It's just all hype to get people talking and interested into the show before it starts showing again !!! AND Brandi would be a FOOL to loose Lisa's Friendship.....cause even though I think she bring something to the show she do not know how a Woman of her Age she even exist in this world ...she has proved that by  just opening her mouth and guzzling down the booze and embarrassing herself every chance she gets !! I feel Embarrassed for those little boys ... just wait until they get older and realize how their Mom's acts in front of Millions of TV Fans !!!! Lisa is her only salvation ... someone who can make her realize how high school trampy girl that she acts like...

nonmember avatar sandy

This latest round sounds highly convoluted, and (so, so sorry, Brandi: I like you!) a bit paranoid. As I recall the Scheana/Brandi sit-down episode, Lisa clearly told Brandi that she did NOT have to do it; Brandi was the one who thought it would help her move on.
I suspect there is some truth, somewhere, to some of what Brandi says; however, I do not think Lisa is as "ruthless" as all that. Further, it is precisely because Lisa is a smart business woman that she realizes (after having seen fallout from other BFFs gone wrong) how poorly lying to one of the Housewives could reflect on her personal and professional reputation.

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