Demi Moore Is Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend's Father -- Thank Goodness

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demi mooreActress Demi Moore is dating her ex-boyfriend's father. According to reports, Moore has been seeing Carl Kutcher, the 85-year-old, white-haired father of her former flame, Ashton. Just kidding. She's supposedly dating Peter Morton, the 66-year-old father of her former flame, Harry Morton.

Although some may find it odd to date the parent of someone they once presumably slept with, I say this a good thing. Because everybody knows this cougar has not had good luck with her past moose, elk, deer, caribou, smaller mammals, and fish. (That's what cougars eat. I just looked it up. It was supposed to be a jo-- ah, forget it. Let's talk about Demi.)

Peter Morton is the founder of a little restaurant you may have heard of: The Hard Rock Cafe. And since being the person who came up with the idea to pair incredibly loud music, leather jackets encased in plexiglass, $47 drinks, and appetizers that go by the name of "Boneless Bodacious Tenders" proves to be a lucrative career, Peter is balls-to-the-wall rich. As in he's a billionaire. As in My your father just got a lot more attractive, Harry.

According to the British magazine, Grazia, the pair "have been seeing each other up to three times a week", and, says the source, "Demi says that thanks to Peter, her toy boy fascination could be over … at 66, she never thought he’d be her type, but she really likes him." Demi's daughters, Tallulah, Scout, Rumor, and Potholder (just kidding, there's no Potholder) all approve of Peter, also. Apparently, they met him at a party at his Beverly Hills home recently, and decided they are glad their mom "is dating someone older than herself for once".

Truth be told, I've been wanting Demi to date someone older for a while now. Someone who'd truly be able to appreciate the fine specimen she is; someone who doesn't know, or care, what Instagram is; someone who saw St. Elmo's Fire in the theater. I think it'd be good for her. Demi seems like a smart lady, and as a 50-year-old (smoking hot) mom of three, she has some life experience under her belt. It's about time she meets her match. It's about time she meets a real man.

Do you think it's weird that Demi's dating her ex's dad? Are you glad to see her with someone older?


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nonmember avatar Seren Dipity

Very entertaining article

Ellen Holcomb

I wonder if it is all about the money with Demi. I personally think that she is a greedy *****. She is worth millions and she wants to extract more millions out of Aston. Come on. They must not have been smart enough to have a pre-marital agreement.

nonmember avatar Holly

Wow. Sexist much?? The age difference between Demi (50) and Ashton (35) is 15 years. The age difference between her and Peter is 16 years. But somehow, it's alright that she's dating someone with THE SAME AGE DIFFERENCE between them, but if SHE is the older one, she's a desperate cougar who should find someone "her own age"? How come no one is saying that Peter Morton is too old for Demi? WHAT CENTURY IS THIS???????

nonmember avatar Theresa Barrett

I think that's disgusting and she needs intense therapy!

nonmember avatar Web Komander

C'est la vie: live and let live!

nonmember avatar shelly

thats great as long s they are just dating. But if he is thinking abut marriage he better chain up his wallet!!!

nonmember avatar nWa

Very SEXIST article. Michael Douglas, et, all are MUCH older than their wives but that's A-OK! CZJ is 6 mos older than Douglas' son! They just don't like Demi, she looks GREAT- and Ashton cheated on her, that's why she reportedly wants $$. She's not an idiot- who wouldn't want firmer flesh in the sack? She 's probably a bit tired of always being the one taking care of people, and wants to be courted!I won't even start on Hugh Hefner- he's older than his new wife's grandpa! YEUUUCK!!!

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