Chelsea Handler Slams Kris Jenner in Most Vicious Feud of the Week

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feudThe Kardashians have more than their fair share of enemies. Too many people to count are incensed by the fact that the entire clan is rich and famous for basically having cameras follow them as they do nothing. Surely by now, they are used to the nasty insults hurled their way. The latest diss? Chelsea Handler mercilessly slams Kris Jenner.

The trouble began when President Obama made a disparaging remark about one of her clients kids. He said that years ago, children "weren't monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing ... and thinking that somehow was the mark of success." Kris didn't appreciate the quip and reportedly Chelsea overhead her saying that it was "completely unpresidential for the leader of the free world to publicly trash Kim."

Well, Chelsea marched right over the Kris and told her to "shut her f**king pie hole." But Kris didn't back down. Sources say that she shot back that the crass comedian only likes Obama because he was black. Of course Chelsea didn't let her have the last word. She started laughing and asked if Kris has checked who her daughters are with.

It was like high school mean girls at their worst. What are they, 15 years old? They both should be ashamed of themselves. But I have to say that Chelsea is more in the wrong here. Kris was just defending her child -- something any protective mother would do. Perhaps Chelsea should take her own advice and shut her own pie hole next time.

Do you think Kris was right to defend Kim? Are you glad Chelsea told her off?

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Booky502 Booky502

Frankly, I find both Handler and Kar-crashian vividly and breathtakingly annoying and boring.

flood... flood1971

Mother instinct? Part of protecting your kid is making sure you get the right amount if money for your daughters porn tape? That's a new take on being a protective mother, I guess.

nonmember avatar VespertineLJ

Huh. I guess I don't understand why KJ felt her daughter was being insulted. I took the original comment to mean that years ago, without the omnipresent Internet and "gimme-gimme" mindset, most kids had a different (better) measure of success than focusing on expensive clothes and superficial popularity.
I thought the comment was an indictment of today's youths' tendency to fawn over celebrity and fame to a much greater degree than past generations. KK was just mentioned as an example of one of the celebrities that kids follow.

adamat34 adamat34

Pretty sure this is something we all wanted do....good for Ms Handler. Bravo.

andy1477 andy1477

Really? In what way was the President insulting her family? This lady doesn't care who she has to step on to get her family more publicity

Karyn Fosse

That whole family is pathetic. Money grubbing trashy fame whores who do nothing but screw everyone in town, get plastic surgery, and waste our time. Love Chelsea. She's completely correct with her comments!

abra819 abra819

don't like either. kris, money hungry sell out. chelsea, mean girl.

nonmember avatar Kimberly

Please, those girls have it coming, look at the way they act, Kris is just as bad she went to see an ex and her husband did not know. Make it what you want, but they are not on the up and up. I would never allow my daughter act like they do. Chelsea you were right, shut your pie hole Kris, should have had more control of your daughters when they were younger, then you wouldn't need to defend them.

Cooks... Cookster792

You go Chelsea, I now have new respect for you. Kris Jenner only cares about money. Look in her eyes and you will see dollar signs. How much help has she been to Rob? Very little. 

nonmember avatar mandy

All Obama was trying to say is that people in the world today are so celebrity obsessive. Instead of being so celebrity obsessive about what they are wear or what their baby looks like we need to focus on the world around us as a whole like whats going on in other countries or how about kids education. Kris jenner is so self absorb that she cant see anything pass her or her kids meanly kim that she takes it as a attack to her daughter. Way to go chelsea! If I was there I would of done the same thing. Get over your self kris jenner. Its not all about you or your daughters.

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