'RHOC' Tamra Barney's Husband Is Crazy to Think He Could Uninvite Alexis Bellino

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tamra barney eddie guest list weddingSurprise, surprise! Tamra's OC Wedding threatened to mess with certain Real Housewives of Orange County friendships when it aired ... Specifically, Tamra and Alexis's bond, which appeared to have been cracked by the show's revelation that Tamra and Eddie Judge were super-close to uninviting Alexis and her husband Jim from their wedding. Upon seeing this dirty laundry aired on TV, Alexis tweeted, "Ok...watching @TamraBarney . All it takes is honesty! If I'm not wanted there- then TELL ME!! Trust me- I have plenty to do!" Wow ... ouch.

Apparently, it was Eddie who felt that Alexis and Jim's invite may need to be revoked, because as Tamra explained on Twitter after the show aired, "[Eddie] did not want any drama with Alexis & Gretchen. He doesn't even know them that well." Oh man, way to start a firestorm, though, huh!?

Eddie may have been very well-meaning, but it's downright delusional to think that you can uninvite anyone unless they've done something unbearably, unforgivably wrong since receiving their invitation. I'm of the belief that once those invites go out, you've pretty much made your bed and need to lie in it. (That's why any debate surrounding who should or shouldn't be in attendance at my recent wedding took place before the final guest list was compiled!)

What's more, good luck to anyone who thinks they can actually steer clear of drama on their Big Day! You don't have to be part of a reality show cast to know most attempts to "drama-proof" your wedding will fail. If a guest is going to act out, they're going to be miserable or angry or throw a temper tantrum no matter what you do. All you can do is attempt to control your own reaction to their behavior.

As far as Tamra and Alexis are concerned, all's well that ends well. Sorta. Alexis tweeted to a fan that she did, in fact, end up attending the wedding, but now she's "almost wishing we hadn't." Eeek. Hopefully, these two are able to put this icky situation behind them. Being that weddings have a tendency to bring out some people's craziest, ugliest side, it's often better to do your darndest to forgive and forget!

What do you think about Alexis almost being uninvited? Do you believe in uninviting guests? How about attempting to preempt ALL drama?


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Gloria Woods Kotos

I gree with ed he right about her Alrxis. she alway said they bully her every time we show so I thought she was fried but she come back OH BOY here come trouble

Tammy Horn Bergeron

U are such a bitch...U or no friend to anyone...Gretchin really tryed to be your friend,but u dont know how to be friends with more than 1 person.If I were her hello how are u and thats it.U really hurt her cannot believe u didnt have her in your wedding,I think u get off on hurting ppl....Karma is a bitch girl@it has your address with a stamp.....

Tammy Horn Bergeron

You married for money not even that much money,miss rossie loves her man,u cant stand that.She is very happy in her pretty home @ the man she loves.she is young and beautiful,oh and house wifes do come hotter,the 2 women u fight with Miss Rossie@Miss Alexis....Girl u dont even come close to them so give it up!!!!!

Joe215 Joe215

Just to suggest inhibiting someone is tacky.  Why would he fear them when Tamara is the one who throws drinks.  Tamara is the one who tried to get Gretchin drunk.  Tamara is the one who won't stay out of Gretchin s business. Tamara is the one who screams at Vicki then picks Vicki over Gretchin when Gretchin supports her and Vicki digs always.

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