Vicki Gunvalson Is in Danger of Getting Back Together With Brooks Ayers

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vicki and brooksFor the past couple seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson definitely had the most toxic relationship. Everyone but her could see what a jerk Brooks Ayers was. Things were so bad, her daughter Briana Culberson couldn't tolerate being in the same room with the guy. Still, the pair were on and off for months. She says they are really through this time, but we think there is one more thing she needs to do to make sure Brooks never reappears by her side again.

Everything came to a head during the intensely emotional RHOOC reunion. Brooks himself was there, offering to bow out gracefully so that the mother and daughter could reclaim their relationship. Vicki, of course, was a heartbroken, blubbering mess.

However, any regrets about the split should have been presumably washed away after tapes surfaced of Brooks telling Briana's husband Ryan Culberson that he was going to beat Vicki up. In the recording, he is heard saying, “F*cking whore, Imma [sic] f*cking beat her ass when i see her ..."

But when asked about the tapes recently, Vicki said she hasn't listened to them and doesn't want to. "I have no desire," Vicki said. "I know who Brooks is. People get mad, get drunk, people say things they should say, and move past it." Hmm. Bad idea Vicki. It's easy for her to dismiss the reports about what he said, but if she were to actually listen to the rage and vitriol in his voice, she may have a completely different reaction.

This is supposedly a man who is in love with her. Sure, he's allowed to get angry and upset once in awhile. Every couple has spats but threatening physical violence is a whole other story. It's clear that she still has feelings for this man -- which means they are in danger of getting back together AGAIN. She may not want to listen to that heinous tape, but she should. That will finally put the nail in the coffin of their messed up romance.

Do you think Vicki should listen to the tapes?


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JaneD... JaneDoh57

yes she should but i doubt it would change her feelings.....for an intelligent women, she is emotionally retarded....lets face it, they never broke up (not even sire they were ever an item)....this is a Bravo script well written

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

People, people ..... They never ever broke up, that was all staged at the Reunion Show, there was no real tears from Vicki....they been together in secret , so Briana does not get mad at her Mom, and she prob. knew that thye never broke up neither, you could totally tell on her face , she had this smerk like " Yea right Mom you and him will never break up ".....Like I been saying , I hope Vicki will leave the show for good, I can't stand her anymore at all, she lies left and right and is such a nasty women....and Tamra better watch out , she will get burned by Vicki big time , Vicki is not like she use be, she is now a Bully and a Lier Face all the time she opens her mouth something nasty comes out about the other women on the show and she's been playing most od the women..... Leave Vicki please Leave and be gone , they can do the show with out you " Believe me " 

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