Did Ashton Kutcher Step Out With Demi Moore to Send Mila Kunis a Message? (PHOTO)

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ashton kutcher, mila kunisMila Kunis may be off working in Canada, but that doesn't mean Ashton Kutcher is at home sitting on his hands. The actor (I have a hard time associating this word with a man who starred in The Butterfly Effect) and philanthropist flew to a conference in San Jose in support of his online children's protection group, Thorn.

Why is this so exciting? I mean, other than the fact that it's always vaguely reassuring to see a celebrity doing good works. Ashton attended the conference with a friend you've maybe heard of. Yeah, that's right. Ashton attended the conference with his ex-wife Demi Moore.

The couple has always been candid about their friendship, but I always figured they were using "friendship" as a shorthand for "I would not set this person on fire if given an opportunity." I mean, come on, Demi filed for spousal support from the guy! They did battle over it! There's no way they sit around braiding each other's hair.

ashton kutcher, demi moore

So why are they allowing photogs to snappy-snap all these pictures of them now? Could it have anything to do with the Ashton-Mila engagement rumors that were circling last week? If Mila is putting the pressure on Ashton, this would be one way for him to send her a pretty clear message. "Here I am with my hot ex-wife with whom I do good works and presumably once had pretty hot sex with on a regular basis -- I CAN'T BE TAMED."

Do you think Mila should be worried about Ashton and Demi?

Images via Instagram; Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar No

They were together for a meeting with the charity they made together. Their divorce has been pretty nasty.

nonmember avatar J

Oh I just loooooove to over-read everything and pick apart every detail of a picture. Couldn't possibly be that they started the charity togher, noooooo that wouldn't be negative or nasty enough. It HAS to be a message to Mila. Grow up.

Phyllis Lund Iverson

I think they should both send him packing! He is a skunk


nonmember avatar GracieBean

Actually if you saw the whole footage - Demi Moore was snubbing him and he was trying to talk to her. I think he was trying to be nice and look normal.

Rachel Conwell


nonmember avatar Rene

He is a cheat. doi

Vinet Rose Mendez

The only message he is sending is that he is a deuche

Joanna Emily Ramirez

theyre doing charity work the writer is making a big deal.. maybe they're putting their differences aside for business and keeping it professional.. this is how rumors start.

nonmember avatar breaunna

i think that if she loves him and he loves her than dont trip i mean so what he is out with demi if at the end of the day he comes home and for god sacks hes gonna marry the girl

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