Jenelle Evans Bashes Another 'Teen Mom' Because No One's Paying Attention to Her

jenelle evansIt's no secret that Teen Moms Jenelle Evans and Alex Sekella don't like each other. In fact, I'd go as far as to say they hate each other. The two classy ladies have engaged in a number of Twitter wars over the past few months, and just when it seemed like things had finally died down, Jenelle has fanned the fires once more by calling Alex a "bitch" out of nowhere.

And Alex had the perfect, albeit just as immature, response.

After Jenelle tweeted, "I really really don’t like that Alex bitch off #TeenMom3, but the rest of u ladies are awesome #MuchLove," Alex responded with, "In my opinion jenelle is jealous of the fact that she is no longer in the spotlight let her talk s— that’s the only thing she is good at:)." And it kind of seems like that is the case. Jenelle has spent an unusual amount of time focusing on Alex's life. It's, like, get one of your own, dude.

But here's the thing. Although it's awfully hard to idly sit by while someone bashes you to their thousands upon thousands of Twitter followers, Alex is giving Jenelle exactly what she wants: Publicity. If she would have just ignored Jenelle's random and rude comment, it would have done more damage. She's only exacerbating the feud and bringing more attention to Jenelle by engaging her.

So the next time Jenelle says something nasty about you, Alex, ignore her. Just try it. I bet it will then be a long time before she ever says anything negative about you again.

What do you think of Jenelle and Alex's fight?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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--emi... --emilyy--

i hate that Alex bitch too!!!

Jan Marie Marcotte

Stupid and small and beneath anyone that is a good mother involved in raising a child that is sensitive to the truly important things. Unlike either of these mothers.

Alyssa MacVeigh

I don't watch these shows so maybe these articles just highlight the worst, but I feel so awful for the children of these kids. Ugh.

Amy Adams

Jenelle is just pissed because that's what people say about teen mom 2 They hate Jenelle and what her off the show. She just wants it to be that someone else take that role

Ryan Stocker Jackson

Stupid but I don't like Alex either all she does is naggggggggg and that's y her boyfriend left her .

Colleen Miclitis

I think Jenelle needs to shut her mouth. At least Alex is being a parent to the child she brought into the world as where Jenelle does pretty much does nothing for her son. Jenelle only does small things for and with her son to make it seem like she cares, but in all reality loves that she doesn't need to take responsibility. She can do whatever she wants and she will never grow up. Alex was pressed to put her child up for adoption and she made one of the hardest choices to be a mom. For that, regardless of how she acts sometimes, makes her a stand up person. Jenelle has had almost five years to grow the hell up and hasn't.

nonmember avatar Kristin

Jenelle called Alex a b!tch because Alex referred to herself as having a 'Jenelle moment' when she saw how ridiculous she looked on the TM3 episode this week. I'm not a fan of either of them, but Jenelle didn't call her that for no reason.

Sarah Buchanan-Hewitt

She is a bitch! I am surprised she did not reply with "thanks".


nonmember avatar Kaytlyn

Stupid they r both Horrible mothers screaming and fighting in front of those babys and letting drugs be around them bad moms

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